Five Question Friday

1. What did you wear to prom? Include a picture if possible.
I haven’t thought about prom in a long, long time! I went with my BFF, Rodney, who despite everyone’s thoughts to the contrary, was never someone I was interested in romantically (and no, he wasn’t my gay BFF, we were just inexplicably friends without any benefits – an anomaly). [Side note: Any time Rodney would call my house, my dad would ask who was on the phone and then say, “Rodney Dangerfield?” thinking he was so hilarious. Every time. And every time, it was not really that funny. Though after the 20th attempt at this joke, I do believe I started laughing at him because it was so ridiculous that he tried to sell it every time so really, he won.]

Anywho… back to what I wore to prom. It was a red dress and I LOVED it. I need to dig up a photo because it was everything I wanted a dress to be, flattering, with great flow and dramatic details without being trashy or too old for me. When I find a photo, I’ll talk more about it and my prom hairdo, which I also loved!

2. Would you rather be on the biggest loser or a food eating challenge?
I don’t know that I could actually survive the biggest loser but I really don’t want to be on a food eating challenge (unless that challenge was something like traveling around the world and trying a specific type food – that’s a challenge I’d be totally up for). So given the choice between those two, I guess I’d go with the biggest loser because at least I’d lose more weight, which is a good thing. Though I can’t say I would like to be away from my family, or on TV for that reason or be yelled at while I was working out. Sounds lovely.

3. Done fave sonic drink? Refreshing summer drink? (Hey, Kristina…was that a typo, or some “done good” Southern thing?)
Tie between: Cherry Limeade Slush OR Grape Cream Slush. So glad we now have TWO Sonics when we didn’t have any a couple years ago, though we had commercials for them for AGES prior to their coming to our neck of the woods. Note to Sarah: Next week – Sonic date and Frog Hollow – okay?

4. What was your first car, and what did you call it?
My first car was my parent’s old Buick LeSabre. It was awesome. I drove it during high school and college and then took it with me to Chicago, where it was stolen. Have you ever had a car stolen? It’s the strangest thing because it is fairly unbelievable that it has happened to you… And in my case, who steals an old Buick LeSabre on a street filled with nicer cars? I had been living in Chicago for about six months when it happened. I came out of our apartment (we lived in a residential area with mostly single-family homes, but our building had four apartments, including our Indian landlord who lived upstairs with his mother who cooked a whole lot of curry but sadly never shared – I have lots of fun stories about Kenny) and walked out to where my car was supposed to be on the street and it wasn’t there. And I just stood there looking around, like perhaps it had moved itself or I had forgotten where I parked it the day before or maybe I just couldn’t see it. It was gone, but rather than run back inside and call the police, I walked to the post office a mile away because I needed to get there before it closed and my car would still be missing when I got back so that detail could wait.

I went to the post office, picked up some food and rode the El back to my stop, walking up and down every street between the station and our apartment, hoping my car would appear along one of those streets. (I knew I hadn’t parked it on another street, but I had a friend in Chicago whose car had been moved by the city to another street because they were doing work on the street and she hadn’t moved her car and although they hadn’t posted warning signs on my street and weren’t doing construction, I held out hope that this had happened to me. It had not.) After I got home, I called the police and filed a report. My parents were coming to Chicago on their way back to Michigan from Texas so they arrived later that day and I told them what had happened – I remember hoping they weren’t mad at me, like I was to blame for someone stealing my car. The next morning at 5 a.m., I got a phone call from the police, my car had been found abandoned but was all banged up with the ignition ripped out of it and the front passenger door missing (apparently those doors were matches to lots of other cars so it was likely stolen just for the door but also got taken on a joy ride) – it had been towed to an impound lot. We ended up sending them the title to the car since it wasn’t worth even paying to the towing fee to retrieve it. Awesome. Lesson to be learned: if you live in Chicago: park in a garage, have an alarm or get one of those steering wheel lock things, otherwise your car just might get stolen.

5. What’s one thing your child or spouse does that sends you over the edge?
Since this blog is very much about the things that my kids do to drive me over the edge (to wit: last week’s post) and sometimes my husband (also, to wit: the dishwasher post), lets pick on someone else: me. I’m a procrastinator and this drives me crazy about myself and YET, I still procrastinate. Why? I don’t know. I wish I did and I wish I had more discipline to not procrastinate because I think I would be less stressed (at times) and sleep better (maybe). But I do work better under pressure and I think that people in general are more prone to procrastination, unless of course, you are my dad, who never procrastinates. He’s much more disciplined than me, why couldn’t I have gotten that gene from him? Alas.

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6 responses to “Five Question Friday

  1. My first car was a ’79 olds cutlass supreme in pale yellow that my guy friends nicknamed the “sweet ride” and it stuck. I loved that car. It was a boat and i could fit a zillion ppl in it. 🙂

    • Oooh… cars that fit a whole lot of people are definitely the key to coolness! Which I should remember get my kids used Smart Cars when they are old enough so they can’t take anyone anywhere 🙂

  2. Yes to frog hollow and sonic! Tuesday or Thursday??

  3. Perhaps we could do Biggest Looser together. Thay might make it a totally tolerable experience. *might* 🙂 At least I’d be in good company.

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