Music Monday: God Songs

Liam is apparently very touched by what he’s learning in Sunday school. After church yesterday, we were listening to the radio and Liam requested that I change it to a God song and when I didn’t immediately switch the song because it was one that I liked, Liam said to me, “Mom, you’re just not loving God right now!” Um, excuse me? Simon just raised his eyebrows and laughed at me but who am I to argue with that, so I switched the song.

Here are some “God songs” that I/we like:

Children of God | Third Day

I Will Follow | Chris Tomlin

Light Up the Sky | The Afters

Down | Mat Kearney [not a Christian artist per se, but an artist who is a Christian]

If We Are the Body | Casting Crowns

Something Beautiful | NeedToBreathe


3 responses to “Music Monday: God Songs

  1. I’m letting Kate just sit here and click from song to song…She’s lovin’ it!

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