Music Monday: Favorites of 2012

These are slightly different from my listing of most played in 2012… these more take into account the ones I burned to CDs and listened to on my phone/Kindle. I’d love to hear what your favorite songs of 2012 were… please share in the comments.


January kicked off with us on a plane on the way to Australia where I discovered Pumped Up Kicks and added it to my flying playlist on the way to and back from Oz… plus it was on the radio and in a regularly-played TV commercial while we were there. I cannot hear this song and not think of our time in the land down under. Same goes for Light Up the Sky which I heard on the iPad we borrowed for our trip, perfect since Simon and I saw The Afters live a few years ago while we were still dating.

Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People
Runner up: Light Up the Sky – The Afters

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Get this album and get it now. You’re welcome.

Barton Hollow – The Civil Wars (because it was the song that introduced me to them)
Runner up: The rest of the Civil Wars album

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M83 is on Amazon’s list for rising artists for 2013, so my liking them is ahead of the curve, I’d just like to note that. Runner up, fun., was a little sneak preview for the concert I didn’t yet know I’d be going to in November!

Midnight City – M83
Runner up: The Gambler – fun.

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I previously admitted that I discovered this song watching the finale of One Tree Hill but don’t hold that against it, Half Moon is just really good. Side note: I would love to pick music for a TV show – that would be my dream job. And Mr. A to Z, Jason Mraz’s I Won’t Give Up is just the perfect pick-yourself-up-and-hang-in-there song.

Half Moon – Blind Pilot
Runner up: I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

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A favorite of my boys since May, Feel So Close is still requested in our swagger wagon. And I couldn’t pick just one runner up this month – the trio listed is the ideal start to a low-key, rainy day playlist.

Feel So Close – Calvin Harris
Runners up: Better Days – Amos Lee; Flowers in Your Hair – The Lumineers; Be Still – The Fray

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My favorite praise and worship song of the year – though I will be sad to hear it in church again now that our phenomenal music person has left us for a job back in his hometown in Colorado. And on the opposite end of the spectrum – Magic – the second most-requested song in the minivan; I’m super thankful I can also enjoy the music my kids like.

10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman
Runner up: Magic – B.o.B. with Rivers Cuomo

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Thanks to this song being featured for the women’s gymnastics promos during the Olympics, everyone in the U.S. should love this song, or at least be familiar with it (and if you’re not, you’re not patriotic, or you are my father [who is actually patriotic, for the record]). You could not get away from it this summer and for good reason – it’s a great song by the doubly named Phillip Phillips (seriously). Much less familiar, but just as catchy is my runner up – find it on YouTube, you’ll be glad you did.

Home – Phillip Phillips
Runner up: Watching You Watch Him – Eric Hutchinson

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Oh Maroon 5. They came out with a new album (Overexposted), it’s my favorite of theirs so far and while I do always enjoy the more upbeat, poppier songs – Sad and Daylight are by far my faves.

Sad – Maroon 5 (Adam Levine’s voice and a piano, yes please)
Runner up: Daylight – Maroon 5


Love Little Talks (and really love the live version in the video below). September brought lots of fun, new-to-me bands/singers.

Little Talks – Of Monsters & Men
Runners up: Sooner or Later – Gavin Creel; Well Done – Moriah Peters

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October brought even more new music and variety, plus a live concert with Sugar & The Hi-Lows and Ingrid Michaelson (marvelous). Nothing better than live music in my book (big surprise).

Odds of Being Alone – Amy Stroup & Trent Dabbs (a.k.a., Sugar & the Hi-Lows)
Runners up: Ships in the Night – Mat Kearney; Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy; Ghost – Ingrid Michaelson

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Kiss Me was nearly my favorite song of the year, but it made it in just for the last two months so that was the only reason it lost out. I normally don’t care much for Alicia Keys and despite it being on that Citibank commercials, I quite enjoy Girl on Fire (though my husband does not share my love of the song – I believe the words, “I hate this song” have come out of his mouth when it comes on). And My Oh My is the song that introduced me to Tristan Prettyman, whose entire album is pretty darn good.

Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran [awesome acoustic version in the video below]
Runners up: Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys; My Oh My – Tristan Prettyman


While I am not at all surprised that he didn’t win The Voice, Terry McDermott’s versions of I Want to Know What Love Is and Let It Be are effortlessly beautiful and awesome – so much so that I had to include both videos. And then there is Muse’s Madness… couldn’t let The Voice’s runner up push it off the list for my December runner up.

I Want to Know What Love Is – Terry McDermott (from The Voice)
Runner up: Let It Be – Terry McDermott; Madness – Muse

And because I like it nearly as much as the original by the incomparable Beatles:

Song of the Year
Home – Phillip Phillips
Runner up: Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran


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