Summer plans, I has them

I so LOVED that picture of myself growing up… actually, I loved what I remember feeling when that photo was taken. I thought I was pretty hot stuff with all that hair floating around me, that I was some mermaidic goddess in the bathtub. Hilarious when I think about it now because I was young and thinking I was so cool about such a silly thing. I’d blame it on the movie Splash, but I don’t think that movie had come out yet when this picture was taken (and I don’t care enough right now to check IMDB to see if that last statement is true – sorry).
That photo has nothing to do with anything but it was another one I found from our wedding slideshow and I’ve been saving it for a special occasion which today qualifies since I don’t particularly have anything to say (when has that stopped me before and I’ve just typed up quite a few words for having nothing to say and I’d guess I’m going to type up a few more).

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what my hopes for this summer are and really, if I have any in particular. I don’t know that summer for us feels too different than the rest of the year, aside from where Liam will be on the days Jack is in daycare (during the school year he’s obviously in school on Mondays and Wednesday but in the summer he’ll be at the same place as Jack where they offer a school age program with weekly pool outings and field trips) but otherwise Simon and I will both be working our normal schedules and with our vacation time gone for the year (Australia for 3 weeks), we don’t have anything big planned. But, I do still have some things up my sleeve… in no particular order (and now I have something to write about – go me!):

  • Annual Memorial Day get together with my favorite ladies and their families (minus a few favorite ladies who are not local – we miss you very muchly)
  • Weekend in Chicago with Simon (after my parents get back from Texas – this is how they can make it up to me for being gone for my birthday – how generous of me ;))
  • Day trips to Lake Michigan
  • Picnics at the park
  • Frog Hollow and happy hour at Sonic
  • Weekend at my niece’s cottage in July/August
  • Attempt a camping trip, hopefully with small group – though we have ZERO camping equipment
  • Saturday morning trips to the Farmer’s Market
  • Sun pickles!! Sun tea!! And strawberry picking (anyone want to do this with me and the boys?)
  • Sitting on Erin and Ryan’s lawn for a few FMG Concerts 🙂 I’ll bring sangria or mojitos!
  • Grilling out with friends at least two days Saturdays a month… anyone interested in joining us?
  • Cuddling lots of other peoples’ babies (babies in onesies with chunky baby legs all over the place are some of my favorite things)
  • Getting both boys in swimming lessons
  • Getting Jack fully potty trained (which really means getting Simon fully on the bandwagon since he’s our weak link – I’m just going to call him out on that one – let’s see if he’s reading the blog)
  • More neighborhood walks, even if I have to bribe the children with copious amounts of fruit snacks so they won’t whine the entire time (and perhaps to keep Liam’s non-stop chatter toned down)
  • Yard/landscaping makeover/improvements – anyone have a desire to help with this one because I am happy to follow someone else’s direction but have no idea where to start.

What are you planning for the summer?



12 responses to “Summer plans, I has them

  1. The boys and I will be picking strawberries with my friend, Kathy and her two girls (one named Fiona!). You’re welcome to join us! (There’s ice cream at Krupp’s.)

    Yes, to grilling!

    And landscaping….I’ve been scouring Pintrest. You should check out my “for the home” board….:)

  2. Jasmine and Ola are coming to Lebanon with me for 2 months. I will be working from 5am until 12pm which means I can take Jasmine down to the pool every afternoon and we can go for walks around the beach near the old castle in Jbeil (the worlds oldest continuously inhabited city) in the evening. I am then planning a trip to Australia for the beginning of August by myself (Ola and Jasmine will go for 3 months at xmas time).

  3. You always have a place to stay in Ann Arbor! and we’ll be doing some camping too this summer – hopefully – since our vacay budget is already maxed out for the year 🙂

  4. I was just thinking about planning the strawberry picking! Randi is super excited to go…Where do you usually go?

    • We haven’t gone before here – but I’ve thought about going to the place on Lake Michigan that we drive past on the way to Meijer… want to try it out sometime?

  5. Okay, so I love that “Sitting on Erin and Ryan’s lawn for a few FMG Concerts I’ll bring sangria or mojitos!” is on your list (also love both sangria and mojitos), I would LOVE to pick strawberries with you, and talk to Ryan about landscaping direction because……..that is what he does. :o)

  6. ps. Krups is where I have gone in the past. I didn’t pick last year though (just purchased from the farmers market for my many batches of jam).

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