Music Monday: Recent Downloads

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! Hope you had a great day! We went to Lansing to spend the day with my mom since I already got my present two weekends ago when Simon gave me a Keurig coffee maker as a joint anniversary/mother’s day gift (I’d argue that the gift is just as much for him as it is for me, but I love coffee too much to argue about that and he did get me flowers when he took the babysitter home Saturday night). We had a great evening on Saturday with our small group and I got to cuddle an adorable 5-day-old baby so all is well.

I’ve been on a music downloading kick lately because I realized I’d had a credit in my iTunes account for WAY too long and what’s the point of that if there is music I’d like to listen to on demand and Liam’s asking for a new mix CD? Here are some recent downloads:

Yesterday | Adam Levine & Tony Lucca (from The Voice – despite my high annoyance with Christina and my mild annoyance with Lucca/Levine making digs at her through their other song choices, I do like this singing competition and I love this cover)

The A Team | Ed Sheeran

Tongue Tied | Grouplove (from the Apple iPod Touch commercial)

Born to Die | Lana Del Rey

Feel to Close | Calvin Harris (Liam’s current favorite)

Medicine | Daughter (totally on the depressing song list, totally from The Vampire Diaries)


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