Favorite Pins and Posts

My goodness, I’ve been remiss in sharing my favorite Internets finds with you… it’s been since March, mostly I’ve been putting it off because I hadn’t caught up with my blog feeds in Google Reader (my feed reader of choice).

Favorite pins

Source: neverenoughhours.blogspot.com via Michelle on Pinterest

Simply love the idea of this – I love personalized artwork and this is just so unique… I’d phrase it as You + Me = Them

Source: Uploaded by user via Michelle on Pinterest

Love this quote from C.S. Lewis.

Source: 20goingon80.com via Michelle on Pinterest

Simon’s been making pancakes every Saturday morning and this is a marvelous idea to simplify the process even more!

Source: nakamolchicago.com via Michelle on Pinterest

Just love this ring, have to keep myself from buying it for myself. Myself wants it.

Pins I’ve Done

Source: daveandjoi.blogspot.com via Michelle on Pinterest

Made these as part of my gift to the ladies at my MOPS table.

Source: google.com via Michelle on Pinterest

Totally bought this stuff and totally love it!

Source: craveorcreate.blogspot.com via Erin on Pinterest

Another aspect of my MOPS gift – yarn wrapped bottles – turned out so cute!

Favorite Posts

And for good measure, my favorite spam comment of late:

  • What light of day isn’t today? [really, that was it – what does that even mean?]

2 responses to “Favorite Pins and Posts

  1. Ok..#1: HOW do you post pintrest pics on the blog!?!?! I’ve been DYING (ok, so not dying per se…but really wanted to BAD!) do a post like this.

    #2. I pinned that exact same personalized picture with thumbprints. Love it.

    • If you click on the pin – the pop up that opens, there should be an option that says “Embed” to the right of the image, if you click on that, another window opens with code for you to cut and paste into your blog. And I know, the pin was originally yours and I love it!

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