Music Monday: Brother-inspired

I’m sure I was listening to music I loved, even back then, because my brother, Marty, was a huge music fan and I was one of his biggest fans (still am). But he lived in the basement and my little friends and I would sit outside his bedroom door and giggle while we listened to him sing something.
Here’s a collection of music he’s introduced me to over the years:

Smoke on the Water | Deep Purple [He taught me to play this on the guitar]

Swingin’ | John Anderson [I have no idea about this one but I clearly recall listening to it over and over thanks to Marty, I think I had it on a cassette]

Thriller | Michael Jackson [He let me watch it on MTV; I was petrified and had nightmares – but at least it was memorable]

Eye of the Tiger | Survivor [We watched all the Rocky and Rambo movies together, it was our tradition, apparently I was the little brother he never had.]

Stand By Me | Ben E. King [One time when we were visiting him in Texas, I found a compilation CD of Motown and R&B music that included this song I spent a year of middle school listening to all sorts of oldies.]

Yellow Ledbetter | Pearl Jam [the guitar intro to this is one of my most favorites EVER]

Clearly eclectic music tastes run in our blood – is that hereditary?

For the record, I also think my other brother, Mike, is pretty fantastic and I’m a big fan of his as well, we just don’t listen to music together, but he does (among other things) mix some fantastic drinks and someday I will share those recipes with you.


3 responses to “Music Monday: Brother-inspired

  1. Happy Music Monday! I always love seeing your selections!

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