Tuesday Randoms

  • We saw The Avengers Sunday night – nothing I didn’t love about that movie. Even stupid Scar Jo was tolerable – nearly enjoyable (which is saying a lot since I would still gladly beat her up). So entertaining, humorous and action-packed. Just go see it, you’ll be glad you did unless, of course, you hate fun.
  • The Hulk’s temper tantrum at the ended very much reminded me of a certain 3-year-old who lives in my house. Just saying.
  • Speaking of Jack, poor kiddo has started crying when I leave him places (except at church, so there’s that) and every time I have to wave goodbye to his woeful little face. At daycare he stands at the window and starts blinking quickly as he stands and waves at the window and then his faces us crinkles up and he cries – woe. I hate the weepies and his sad little face. He also does this in the window of his bedroom when he sees me pulling down the driveway in the car – just stands there sadly waving and crying. Breaks a mommy’s heart, even though I know he’s perfectly happy a few seconds/minutes later and it’s just a phase that we’ve gone through before.
  • We have lots of fun activities planned for this coming holiday weekend – so looking forward to lots of time spent with friends new and old! Also looking forward to having my husband around for three days in a row!
  • I planted flowers over the weekend and my legs are killing me from bending over and digging… I feel like a very old person every time I stand up. Gardening is not for the faint of heart. Also, if my plants all die, I’m going to be so very sad.
  • I hate it when I don’t bring something for lunch but also don’t have the desire to go out and get something… first world problems.
  • I strongly suspect we have a mouse in our office but I only find one dropping at a time and it doesn’t get into any food and I’ve never seen it. I’m going to go with the thought that if it doesn’t bother me, I’m not going to bother it.
  • It’s a real bummer when a song has a single swear word it in… then I have to skip it completely because I don’t want my kids to hear it – can’t they just do me a favor and not put that swear word in there? Come on.
  • I would still watch The Voice without Christina on it, here’s hoping they replace her because then I wouldn’t have to fast forward through so much of it and my blood pressure wouldn’t increase when I accidentally stop too soon and have to hear her bring everything back to herself. Ugh. She’s totally going on that list of celebrities I’d like to beat up.
  • I have the following things on my desk at work, one I rather love and the other one completely freaks me out


3 responses to “Tuesday Randoms

  1. I’m so glad we are annoyed by the same stars.

    And the bottom picture….it’s an issue for me. Sorry if that’s what you love, though.

  2. Hmmm- feel the same way about Christina. Why is it so hard to get decent women judges. Though I did enjoy watching her lose a little weight throughout the show. My favorite moment was when she wore the body suit with no pants and she wasn’t performing. She got up to give her team member a hug and Marc and I simutaneously gasped and then started laughing.
    I hope the second picture is the worrisome one. Is it supposed to be Jesus? or an angel; perhaps your partner meant it as a joke but you pretended to love it and so they couldn’t fess up to it.

    • The pants-less moment was great – though we were also impressed by her poorly-chosen dress for the duet with Chris Mann… near wardrobe malfunction right there. 🙂 It is the second picture and I do wish it were a joke, but it’s not… that would make it okay but instead, baby Jesus is scary. I keep it on my desk as a joke to myself 🙂

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