Instagram, week nine

No Music Monday post today… just playing catch up so you get my last weeks’ Instagram photos instead, but I will talk about them so there’s that 😉

Can I also request prayers today for my former middle school teacher, Roger Small (who I still have the hardest time calling just Roger and not, Mr. Small)… he’s having his hip replaced today. According to his wife, Mrs. Small (I mean Jan – she was my math teacher who once accused me of having a smokers cough – I just had bad tonsils), he’s never had major surgery tomorrow and what a whammy to have. Here’s hoping he has a smooth surgery and an uneventful recovery.

Simon makes pancakes on Saturday mornings – this was from two weeks ago because this past weekend I thwarted his efforts by feeding the children berries and yogurt so they weren’t hungry (and by they, I mean just Liam because Jack doesn’t like pancakes, why would he?). But Simon instead did pancakes for lunch so everyone was happy.


Jack peeking out of his stroller to see if it was still raining. It was but we headed into the Fulton Street Farmers Market so all was good after that. Rhubarb and asparagus, yum!

Blogged about this already – the kick ball game where the dads were not at all lenient on the children. This is also what I always imagined live would be like with kids.

All the kiddos in attendance from my get together with the college friends… I think we had two kids looking at the camera but only one crying so that’s a success? But that’s a whole lot of kids between the ages of 1.5 and not-quite-7.

This stuff looks frightening but it is delicious and because it is green and contains all healthy things, you can feel totally superior when you drink it. Totally superior.

I didn’t actually buy anything from Hollister but we were given this bad to bring home some stuff. I just can’t get behind a bag with a nipple on it. I mean, come on.

Dueling water bottles at the track. Hydration is mucho importante.

Before Liam pulled too far ahead and left a very sad Jack behind. But they were great little runners! Someday Jack’s legs will grow and he’ll stay caught up with Liam. Here’s hoping.

We got a new recycle bin/trash can combo. I’m sadly thrilled about this purchase (and to gain additional counter space by removing our recycling bin – we had to keep it there to keep it away from Jack, we’ve all seen what he can do with a couch cushion, imagine the damage with recyclables).

This is what George does every night when we go to bed – curls up on Simon’s side of the bed… like maybe this time, after seven years, he’ll get to sleep there for the night.

Blurry but funny because Jack told me he was “pinking” at me. I did not correct him (sadly, Simon did).

Cute rabbit outside my window at work. Much bigger than the stupid rabbit at home that is eating my plants.


4 responses to “Instagram, week nine

  1. Love the pics! But, did you forget about Wes in the kid picture–he’s not 1.5 years old yet (don’t make me fast forward through the next 8 months with him!!). And I’m very glad you take pictures of cute rabbits instead of horrible squirrels!!

    • Good golly – where is my brain? I think because he wasn’t the crying child (sorry, Amy) I forgot about the peanut! 😉 Bad friend, indeed!
      I would never take pictures of squirrels – they are dumb and awful!

  2. Thanks for the shout out for Roger… er, Mr. Small. The first thing that his dr. said to me after the surgery was “So you taught math at Gardner huh?” I thought Roger had been talking during surgery, but no. Two, yes 2, of his scrub nurses (one David and the other a girl) said they recognized Roger and were telling the dr. during surgery about their days of Middle School with Mr and Mrs Small. He didn’t know David’s last name so I thought Rog would know but he said it all must have occured while he was “out of it”. It’s really kind of creapy that former students were there to see him in his little nightie. Kind of cool though too knowing that a lot of our students are doing great things.
    Oh and he’s doing fine.

    • Maybe the nurses will come by and say Hi! I wonder who they are… it’s definitely a small world! Glad he’s doing fine! Hopefully recovery will go as smoothly!

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