Life… second draft

[Not a second draft on life, but a second draft on this post which I started earlier and wrote in length and have since decided to scrap because it sounded too pat and preachy and I, for one, do not have all the answers. Just lots of questions.]

My original intro line: There are many things that happen in life that just don’t make sense.

My overall point, in a nutshell: Bad things happen. Good things happen. Who knows why. None of it makes sense. Yet, all of it happens. But the point is to remember that ALL of it happens. Life is not all good and it’s not all bad. So when it is bad, have hope because it will get better. And when it is good, be thankful because it could be worse.

And just as a reminder, we don’t need to be afraid to question the small things and the big things (and everything, for that matter) because our questioning could never lessen the greatness of God. He can take it. [thanks, Jill, for that reminder]

Sometimes it helps to do a second draft because it turns out to be an improvement on the first. [This also works for recipes involving chocolate because whipping up a second batch of whatever means you have more delicious chocolate goodness to enjoy.] Too bad all of life doesn’t involve the ability to do a second draft, but then, we’d probably never learn our lesson.


4 responses to “Life… second draft

  1. 🙂

  2. Love it – Well said!

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