Instagram, week 10

Not sure how it is Monday already, but once again, I’m behind for posting these (I meant to get them up over the weekend – I know I’m the only one who cares about my posting schedule but care, I do!). We had a great weekend – gorgeous weather, great company and lots to keep us busy (and tire the boys out – hooray!). The boys have been drama-free at bedtime for the past number of days which I think means tonight is not going to be good (perhaps if I anticipate the horrible, then it won’t be so bad, I’m trying to reverse psychology fate – I’ll let you know how it goes).

On to the pictures…
This is Jack’s pouty lip – one he can pull out on demand. Along with the big, sad eyes. Too bad for him I know his tricks, otherwise this would work every single time.

I believe he was trying to pull a superhero move on me. This picture gives me a glimpse of the teenage years.

Last weekend at Festival. The boys made hats. Then they wore them. The end.

Ready for a bike ride. They insisted on wearing their helmets in the car (also at the store when we bought them – I had to remove them at the checkout).

Adding to the wild life collection that I see outside my window – this chipmunk was busy all last week running back and forth outside my window. At one point it stopped, cheeks full, and sat on the window ledge. I wonder what I’ll see next.

Most of Jack’s artwork is labeled “It’s a big one.” But this one came home with something new – don’t you think it looks just like Simon and I?

I walked into the kitchen to find Jack balanced on top of this stack – one foot up in the air behind him to help him reach further onto the back of the cupboard. Awesome. At least he’s learned to start with a wider base.

Jack loves hats. I love Jack in hats. (He also loves chocolate.)

This kid. He just kills me.

Another shot of my favorite part of the drive home.

Must have all of the corn.

Calf with tongue in nose – equal parts gross and impressive.

Love that kid!

8 responses to “Instagram, week 10

  1. Spitting image of you and Simon!

    Well done, Jack. Well done. πŸ™‚

  2. so you know —-we miss your posts when you are late— πŸ™‚

  3. It won’t let me leave a

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