Music Monday… on Tuesday

Continuing my day late theme of the week… how about a little Music Monday post on a Tuesday morning? Rather than be an over-achiever and post twice in one day, I’m just going to back it up a day. 🙂

We had such a great weekend – lots of stuff to keep us busy. Friday night we had a playdate and dinner with some sweet friends with hours spent in the backyard running around. Saturday we headed out to a dairy farm to do their Dairy Discovery tour (post on that coming soon at and then ice cream for lunch at a train caboose. Then we decided to have an impromptu bbq and kiddie pool fun with our friends, the Thompsons (did you know Costco has DELICIOUS sirloin steaks – marinade with soy sauce and Worcestershire, pair with some grilled potatoes and you are good to go). Sunday we had church, a park play date with friends we haven’t seen for AGES, an open house (with a s’mores bar – fabulous, and delicious) and small group (so much laughter – what a great group of truly authentic people). It was a good weekend, my favorite of the summer thus far (yes – I totally used the word “thus” and meant it, take that autocorrect). But all that fun means a lot of time in the car and lots of song requests from the boys.

Here are their most-requested songs, along with Tongue Tied (Grouplove) and Feel So Close (Calvin Harris) which I already blogged about here:

What Makes You Beautiful | One Direction

And here’s cover of the same song by Boyce Avenue, I couldn’t figure out why I recognized the One Direction song when I hadn’t heard it before but I finally realized I downloaded the Boyce Avenue version last fall (sometimes my brain doesn’t connect the dots but that also means this version is that much different):

Sweeter | Gavin DeGraw [Jack can actually sing the lyrics to this if I start him off on each line – kind of makes me overly proud]

Be Still | The Fray [this is kind of a play on the hymn/Bible passage that includes “Be still and know that I am God” and Liam caught onto this and said that he sings it in Sunday school, proud, yet again]

They were also overjoyed to watch a mash-up episode of both The Fresh Beat Band and Yo Gabba Gabba – they love both shows and having them together about blew their minds. So fun. I wish Nick Jr. would get on the YouTube video sharing bandwagon so I could share clips with you. Hilariously they did a cover of Madonna’s “Holiday” at the end which would have been a gem to share with you.


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