Wednesday Randoms

  • Simon made a cake last week, simply to prove me wrong. Isn’t he sweet? Back story: We were at a birthday party the weekend before and Kara had leftover homemade buttercream frosting and Simon said he would take it off her hands and I said, “What for, it’s not like you would ever make a cake.” Well, Thursday, he made a cake. Me = proven wrong. [It’s okay, unlike some people I know, I can admit it when I’m wrong.]
  • My friend, Steph, made a divine dessert for small group on Sunday (actually, the whole meal was something I would like to recreate myself to eat again, including some pulled pork that had apple pie filling with it that was just so good and don’t get me started on the goat cheese dip). Oreos, ice cream and homemade hot fudge were involved. Just, yum.
  • Jack and Liam started their new routines on Monday (and are back again today) fingers crossed it lives up to Liam’s expectations. But when they start the summer with a field trip for ice cream, I think they’ll be okay. Jack might be less impressed, he keeps saying, “No one will play with me.” Breaks my heart.
  • Related to the above point, on the first day, Liam’s teachers said to me that he is just the nicest boy (which I can believe, he is a nice kid) and that he’s great for helping to keep the rest grounded and calmed down. I said, “Huh, that has not been our experience at home.” And she said, “Well, in comparison to everyone else, he’s the calm one.” I feel sorry for those teachers. Very sorry. Simon noted this morning that she might be singing a different tune once he warmed up to everyone.
  • Jack did have one uplifting thing to say about his experience his first day in his new class, he said some of the bigger boys thought his little hand was cool. I forget that each time he starts a new class or is in a new place, his hand is once again a curiosity to the kids around him and I just pray over the day when one of them deems it strange or weird in a bad way [really, I pray it never comes and that I’ve worried for NOTHING, that is a burden I’d gladly take on]. But thankfully Monday was not that day.
  • Spam comment of the week: “Poor crazy Jean. One day she will wreak her revenge on all those tosspots that inhabit Albert Square eastenders” Huh? Poor crazy Jean, indeed.
  • I got licked by a cow this past weekend, it was as gross as I always imagined it would be. Also, cows are rather unintelligent. I’m just saying.
  • Some people type exceptionally noisily, I fear I am one of those people. It might be a keyboard issue but I think it’s me.
  • I’m going to miss my after-school dates with Liam on Mondays and Wednesdays, but they’ll be back again in the fall. It’s strange to work until 5 on those days… but I never once forgot to go pick him up, probably because I had reminders set on both my computer and my phone.
  • Growing up, when my mom would marinate meat on Sundays for grilling, I would try and take sips of the marinade. After the raw meat was sitting in it. I loved the saltiness the soy sauce provided. I never died (or got sick) from doing that, which I guess makes me quite lucky (and also overly-addicted to salt).
  • Finally watched part one of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (nevermind that I haven’t watched movies #5 or 6 – for some reason I stopped the series but now I want to watch them all – anyone own them?); part two of Deathly Hallows is up for sometime this week.
  • We do not have to replace our upstairs shower after it got a crack in it – I am very happy about that. [Oh my, is that not the most boring bullet point you’ve ever read? My apologies.]

8 responses to “Wednesday Randoms

  1. We are now the proud owners of 5 cows with calf at foot (3 months old). Angus cows. And yes, not bright. They are company for the horses though. We moved out today (& tomorrow to be honest) but don’t move in til Fri pm/Sat am. Staying with mum til then.

    • Hopefully the horses help with the cows – the cows we saw were so scared of the kids, which was hilarious considering how huge they are in comparison (and possibly they had heard of Jack’s reputation in advance). Can’t wait to hear about the new adventures with the house! Send photos soon!

  2. I love your random lists. They make me laugh and smile. 🙂

  3. Just found your blog. This is such a fun read. I am glad the big boys at school are nice to Jack :).

  4. We own the Harry Potter movies (well, at least the first 6)…..let me know if you still need them.

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