Instagram, week 11

Jack fell asleep in the car last weekend and stayed asleep through our getting him out of the car, carrying him around talking to people and depositing him on this blanket… This was more surprising and unexpected to me than if he would have started singing opera. But he sure did look adorable sacked out on the lawn. My little cherub.

Example #1 of why I’m not a food blogger. My unfancy afternoon snack.

Shortly after this he woke up to say, “I think I was sleeping.”

A lovely father’s day moment.

We need a bigger house, preferably one with a circular path the boys can run around for hours.

Happy boy, happy mom, happy day.


6 responses to “Instagram, week 11

  1. I love your pictures, especially the one of Jack sleeping and the boys running. Happy father’s to your husband.

    xoxo TOI

  2. is that string cheese moldy or just a cool instagram effect?

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