Music Monday: Recent Downloads

2011 was the year of concerts and 2012 appears to be the year I download music (thanks to deals on Amazon and iTunes gift cards). Here are some recent downloads I think you might like:

Ho Hey | The Lumineers [Actually, I downloaded this whole album and I love it – folksy and fun – perfect summer music]

Flowers In Your Hair | The Lumineers

That Wasn’t Me | Brandi Carlile [I initially had buyer’s remorse with this new album from Carlile, but after a couple listens I really like it, it’s just more low-key than what I’ve been listening to lately but sometimes change is a good thing.]

Better Days | Amos Lee [Just goodness all around, I can’t decide if I like this or “Windows Are Rolled Down” better.]

Gaucho | Dave Matthews Band [Love getting new music from old favorites.]

Brokenhearted | Karmin [I resisted this band because they are just too quirky but then I saw them interviewed by Chelsea Handler and they were funny and endearing and since Sirius plays their song constantly, it’s grown on me.]

The Fighter | Gym Class Heroes with Ryan Tedder (the guy from OneRepublic) [GCH do great collaborations – I also like their “Stereo Hearts” song with Adam Levine]

Mighty to Save | Newsboys [I can’t hear the Newsboys and not be instantly brought back to my college days.]

Ever the Same | Rob Thomas [An older song but a good one, perfectly melancholy – I love his voice.]


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