Hmmm… Instagram, week 15?

My Instagram was a little light this week… anything that wasn’t work or kids was a little light.

But the good news is, the big project is almost wrapped up and tomorrow we will be halfway through Simon’s being gone. And I have so much to tell you… so much to say that I don’t know where to start. I have a small handful of blog posts started in my head on various topics but it’s hard to start them when being funny seems to fly in the face of the sorrow of saying goodbye to Simon’s mom and being down and poigniant seems self-indulgant and too heavy. So in the meantime, while I collect my thoughts (and wits), my measly, sad Instragram stream from the last week…
The above totally tickled my funny bone when I saw the car in front of me at a stop sign. Poor Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes fans, they’re going to have to get a new license plate.

Not related to the above, the following text exchange happened last week as well:
Me, following text exchange about weighty life stuff: I’m disproportionately sad about your hair foam. [TSA took hers]
[Text exchange continues about weighty, life stuff]
Her: To turn this light… what are ur thoughts about tomkat?
Gotta love friends you can have those kind of conversations with (albeit via text, because talking on the phone would not be happening). Also, that’s life, it all happens at once and you roll with it.

My favorite view of downtown, only very slightly filtered… I love coming home at sunset… so much so I set my phone on the dash to take a series of shots (so I could be safe driving, MOM) to make sure I could catch one of the church with the sun setting behind it.

No matter what, at the end of every day there is the potential for great beauty and the promise of a new day coming. No day lasts forever and sometimes the ending is what makes the rest of it okay.


One response to “Hmmm… Instagram, week 15?

  1. That last picture is awesome :).

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