Instagram, week 13 and 14

A little behind over here. Understandable and perpetually true. Please be praying for our Australian family as they prepare to say goodbye to Dorothy on Wednesday morning (9 p.m., Tuesday EST). We’re trying to maintain normal back here at home, but my heart is most definitely in Oz (or split between here and there).

The last two weeks in Instagram photos.

Kara’s son always wears socks… including with his Crocs, we all laugh about this, including Kara.

Pretty coffee. (also yummy) (also necessary)

New sandals and they don’t even kill my feet much at all.

George had a checkup, he’s “apparently healthy.” I noticed, too late, that I included some lovely wording about his rectal/anal sacs at the top of the page and now typing that will lead to some interesting Google searches being led my way – hi strange people Googling rectal/anal sacs, so sorry in advance.

A first-thing in the morning drawing from Liam  – I’m a huge fan of mine and Simon’s hair.

The babysitter dressed Liam in a 2T shirt for bed. But Simon was the one who put it in the drawer and Liam wore it without complaint so who am I to say anything?

Handsome boys in red… this will be a great photo for Jack’s future run for political office (dear public: please ignore the fact that I had to use bungee cords creatively to corral my kid).

We live less than a mile from downtown and it wasn’t even dark out when I saw this deer munching down on dinner across the street. Earlier that morning we saw wild turkeys at the back of our house. Nature is confused.

There are not words for how creepy this display was during our garden tour.

A doorway for a tiny creature – sort of love it.

Best dining out experience EVER with children – Jack colored and ate his food and the we rewarded the boys with make your own fro-yo sundaes. Happy birthday to me!

Birthday gift from my lovely hubby, along with matching earrings. He knows I love my Lisa Leonard!

It’s a boat, it’s a car. It seems ill-advised due to how low they were sitting in the water but it made it around Reed’s Lake, so again, who am I to say anything. It’s not everyday you get to see a car pull up to the boat launch and just drive in.

Before Simon left for Oz, we took the kids to the mall to beat the heat and burn off some energy. Who doesn’t love playing on shredded wheat?

Or balancing on a blueberry?

Day one without daddy was spent with best friends and at the pool (for the kids, mommy had to work). We are so blessed by the friends in our lives!

The worst of the heat – this was the temperature registering in my car after work on Friday – it cooled down to 102 after I was on the road for a little bit. Whew.

Hot days call for beach days – the perfect way to spend a Saturday, despite the sunburn on my part in my hair (forgot sunscreen there). We spent the day with Sandy and her boys and everyone enjoyed themselves – perfect weather, company and way to pass time.

Jack agrees. He could not get enough of the water and just lying there. I remember this from my childhood and how you feel like you are in another world when the sounds are muffled by the water and you are looking at everything from a different perspective.

The big boys spent at least 4 hours making a big sand castle (half shown above) which morphed into a hot tub. Then when we told them it was time to go they promptly tore it down – only kids would not think twice about ruining hours worth of work.

Enough said.


4 responses to “Instagram, week 13 and 14

  1. I love that pic of Jack sleeping in the car. Too bad I didn’t quite capture the drool amidst the sand particles on his face! It was too cute.

    And now I have the Baywatch theme song in my head. Again. 🙂


  2. So many cute pictures, love the sandals!, must try Spoonlickers soon- and what the WHAT is going on with that mangled doll in a box?!? Creepiest. Ever. Miss you!

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