Music Monday: Recent Downloads (again)

Back by popular no demand whatsoever… Music Monday. Hopefully at least one of you will find some new music to like/love… then my job here will be complete. Also, my music tastes are ALL over the board so there is a varied selection…

Magic | B.o.B. with Rivers Cuomo – While Jack’s favorite song is One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful, Liam favors this one. We switch back and forth between the two until I am sick of them and then I insist we listen to the satellite radio we are PAYING for.

Call Me Maybe | Carly Rae Jepsen – I’m not apologizing for liking this song, you know you like it, too. (I will apologize because I also downloaded Boyfriend by Justin Bieber, I realize for some of you this might kill my music cred, but I can’t help what I like and I know Stef will still love me.)

Payphone | Maroon 5 – Yup, my love for the band and Adam Levine continues. The link is to the clean version.

Lose Yourself | eminem – a little throw back in my music downloads, I’ve been finding songs that I’ve formerly liked but never added to my collection (I’ve also downloaded Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park, Snow [HeyOh] by Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd [most annoying band name to type])

Burn It Down | Linkin Park – I never thought I would like Linkin Park but I so do, there’s something about their music that just appeals to me. Anyone have a clue?

Watching You Watch Him | Eric Hutchinson – Peppy, poppy and oh so catchy.

Only Love | Ben Howard – Just listen.

Home | Phillip Phillips – I still can’t get over the fact that his parents named him this (I’m also not googling to find out if that is actually his name or just a stage name) but I quite like his voice and this song

Keep Your Eyes Open | NEEDTOBREATHE (the whole album, actually + Something Beautiful, The Outsiders and Lay ‘Em Down from The Outsiders album)


6 responses to “Music Monday: Recent Downloads (again)

  1. YAY!! I, for one, came on here at 8am in the hopes you had posted so there! 🙂
    I am happy to say that I have NOT fallen for ‘Call Me Maybe’, though you are well aware of my other vices. I also was thrilled to hear ‘Home’ during some of the Olympic Trial highlights … the beat and chorusers (??) got my blood pumping. I may just follow these Olympics yet…

  2. My non-music-related comment: My youth pastor’s name was Garth McGrath- just sayin’.

    • Was Garth a family name? I hope… I just don’t get those type of names, or there was guy in Lansing named Richard Burns who went by Dick… just why?

  3. I love music mondays! I am not good at finding new songs – so Ilike to listen to yours and decide what i like. (I liked ‘call me maybe’, ‘payphone’ (by my boyfriend Adam), ‘watching you watch him’ and ‘home’

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