Instagram – week 16

Along with the blogging bandwagon, I’m also back in the Instagram bandwagon… gotta love that my children’s childhood will be documented with smartphone photos.
My little superheros at a superhero birthday party – so cute and such a fun idea! (Jack’s super serious face cracks me up)

Last weekend we went to my parents and during a walk with my dad and the boys, we happened upon a garage sale. The gems my kids found were knit wristbands…

My dad photobombed our self-portrait.

My nephew Andy (Liam’s doppleganger) came over for dinner and the kids had fun playing with him in the backyard – a 20-ish year age difference just doesn’t matter with these cousins 🙂

Even my dad got in on the wristband action…

A photo where you can actually see George’s face. Do you know how hard it is to photograph a black dog? About medium-high hard.

Liam said the sky looked like the ocean this morning – I’d agree.

Simon came home. We were happy and whole once again!

A rare moment of non-wackiness from Jack.

Liam likes to draw ninjas, Star Wars battles and alien invasions (shown above).

One of the boys of having boys is tricking them into dressing up like a girl when their father isn’t around to police me. I’m building up my arsenal of embarassing material in case they have girlfriends I don’t like that I will then show these photos to.


4 responses to “Instagram – week 16

  1. I love so many things about these pictures. I especially love the photo bomb by your dad and the future blackmail. :o) You will have to give me the details on the superhero party for Miles’s future birthday party.

  2. I never thought about the black dog picture issue. And Jack looks TOO CUTE in a dress. Well done, mama!

  3. You do know that if you dress a boy in girl clothes that the father automatically becomes gay……this is one of the reasons men are so against it. We dont make the rules, we just have to live with them.

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