Tuesday Randoms

It’s about time for a random list… I’m sad that I’ve forgotten quite a few things I’ve wanted to report to you over the past month…

  • We saw The Dark Knight Rises Sunday night – it was pretty fabulous. Well acted, well directed, well written. The whole package, a non-stop action movie I can get behind.
  • All the previews before the movie were squarely in Simon’s movie-enjoying wheelhouse: Taken 2, a new take on Total Recall (with his fave actress, Kate Beckinsale) and The Expendables 2 (a movie with Chuck Norris, Jean-Claud Van Damme, Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Jason Stratham and [laughably] Liam Hemsworth — side note: they were just showing the actors’ last names in the preview and it said Hemsworth and I said to Simon, “Liam or Chris?” referring to Miley Cyrus’ fiance or THOR, and then said, “Must be Chris” looks like I was WRONG).
  • Prior to going to the movie, I thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt played the SUPER creepy bad guy because of a strange presentation/voice he had done at an awards show, but the bad guy was actually Tom Hardy – my new celebrity crush (don’t tell my hubby; Simon, forget you read this).
  • Anne Hathaway is convincing in her leather bad-girl outfit, I asked Simon how many times he thought they asked her shoot a scene where she got on Batman’s motorcycle… you know the director was like, “Anne, we really need you do that just one more time. Um kay, thanks.”
  • When the movie ended I couldn’t help but think of the shooting in Aurora and how horrible it all is and was… people just wanting to enjoy a movie, an escape from reality and some deranged individual messes up so much for so many. You can’t help but think of them when you’re in a movie theater, but especially when you’re seeing the movie they were there to see. Prayers lifted.
  • We are apparently going to have to have a chat with Liam on appropriate conversation topics with girls, he told my friend’s daughter that “‘Chinas’ are another kind of bottom and also another country.” Mr. Know-It-All, the word you were looking for was “vagina.” Thankfully we could all laugh about it but oh my.
  • Jack and Liam both got to have dates on Saturday… chaperoned by yours truly. Jack and his friend, Jadyn, are having great potty training success so as a reward, they got to go to Spoonlickers – a local fro yo place with multiple flavors and unlimited toppings. Liam and Maggie got to have a past-bedtime date to The Civic Theatre for Schoolhouse Rock Live! – so fun!
  • During Jack’s “date” he and Jadyn were walking, holding hands and she says, “I just tooted in my undies.” And Jack replied, “You have to be careful not to toot too hard or you could poop in your undies.” Such a charmer (and another know-it-all).
  • We kept ourselves busy when Simon was gone with many playdates (and a variety of babysitters to cover my work time) and now I think my kids need a little socializing detox because they ask daily who we are going to see that day and what we are going to do.
  • You know what is awesome – waking up from a dead sleep at 1 am to find your 3-year-old standing in front of you with an actively bloody nose. More awesome is then having to spend the rest of the night with said 3-year-old in your bed, using you as a pillow/punching bag/footrest.
  • I feel like is my American duty to have the Olympics on when we are at home. Even if I can’t handle the stress. I need to desensitize myself to feeling bad when people lose, I am never going to meet these athletes and their not winning impacts me about ZERO so why do I care that they are heartbroken? It must mean I have a BIG heart. Or other issues.
  • I love hearing Jack pipe up his song request from the backseat, “What Makes You Bootifuwl, pweese!”
  • Also love Jack speaking “Spanish” as he is convinced he can do… what it really is, is his spouting gibberish, often to the tune of a nursery rhyme/song. When you ask where he learned Spanish, he’ll say, “Dora.” And then Liam has to add, I know Spanish and he’ll say the words for “above” and “below.” My kids are multilingual… they know English, Australian and Spanish.
  • Want to start a poll about how long it will take Simon to unpack his bags from Australia? I only ask because I finally finished unpacking the carry-on I took with me to Australia (from January) just the weekend before Simon got back from Oz. Whoops. Procrastinators unite… tomorrow!
  • Maggie (Liam’s date from Saturday) can’t quite pronounce Lee-um but instead calls him “Lamb” and I love it – it’s so cute!
  • Liam LOVED his first sleepover at daycare… they stayed up past 10 pm, went swimming, had popcorn and watched Little Rascals (which he first told me was called “Little Stinkers”) and in the morning he got to have a donut hole, a donut, a waffle and juice! Score. I’m glad I got him there on the right night in the end.
  • This coming weekend we’re away at my niece’s cottage with my family can’t wait for simultaneous beach time and family bonding – we always have a great time when everyone is together, when we’re not picking on each other.
  • Also, today is the last day of July and school starts in a little over a month and Liam will be 6 next week! Aaack!

That’s it for now… there is still so much but you’ll just have to wait or never get to hear about it in case my brain never remembers it.



4 responses to “Tuesday Randoms

  1. “During Jack’s “date” he and Jadyn were walking, holding hands and she says, “I just tooted in my undies.” And Jack replied, “You have to be careful not to toot too hard or you could poop in your undies.” Such a charmer (and another know-it-all).”

    An important and useful conversation, I thought. 🙂

  2. I seriously LOVE the random stuff that comes out of your boys’ mouths. My favorite from Sunday: Jack: “I’m glad I don’t have a black bottom.” LOL

    • Much better than, “I no yike it…” regarding every delicious thing you offer him. Chocolate cake? I no yike it… Strawberry ice cream? I no yike it… Vegemite… yes please.

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