Someone gave me a gratitude journal last month, something I’ve wanted to start for ages, but there are many things I want to start and haven’t (anyone else with me on that one?). Related: my mom asked me last week if I kept a journal and without skipping a beat, I responded, “I have a blog” and she said, “Oh right.” And this blog is definitely a journal of sorts and also a baby book for my kids (sorry kids – check online for an accounting of my memories of your childhood), so why not also a gratitude journal? Indeed.

Here are some things I’ve been grateful for lately:

1. Simon being home and taking over the breakfast routine again.

2. A job that provides the flexibility necessary for having two kids.

3. Our church staff and the comfort they’ve shown us after Simon’s mom’s death.

4. Mucinex DM – almost completely eliminates my cold symptoms

5. Air conditioning (in case you haven’t heard, it’s been a bit hot in Michigan for the past month)

6. Liam’s summer program at day care – each day he has something special that he’s excited for.

7. A new recipe for a creamy green salsa/ranch sauce.

8. Friends who share my sense of humor.

9. The church domes on my drive home (I can’t stop taking pics of them, or wishing I could capture the beauty of them more perfectly)

10. Skype and other modern technologies.

11. Genius mixes on iTunes (though mine seems to favor Mandy Moore and her voice is just too breathy for me – the only reason she’s there is from the Walk to Remember soundtrack)

12. My niece’s house in Whitehall.

13. Duck Lake State Park/beach

14. Keurig coffee maker

15. Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt (though I object to spelling crazy with a “k”)

16. Summer television series’ on USA

17. My cleaning/ironing-loving mom.

18. Parents who listen to me ramble on when I haven’t had a husband to vent to for 2.5 weeks.

19. Friends who are awesome and give in just the ways that I need.

20. Jack’s awesome head of hair.

What are you grateful for lately?


5 responses to “Gratitude

  1. I started reading that book One Thousand Gifts, and started doing a counting my blessings thingy on my blog too….and then promptly forgot to keep going with it. Perhaps I should start again too.

    But I’m grateful for fun times last night and yummy left overs!

    • I hope that perhaps I can “guilt” myself into keeping it up on the blog – maybe at least monthly 😉 I’m realistic like that. Ditto on last night!

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