Instagram, week 17

The good part about taking a long weekend/mini-vacation is that while Tuesday feels like a Monday, it’s not actually and suddenly your week is much shorter – hip hip hooray!

Time for a weekly recap using Instagram, warning, the end photos are all fun, sun and beach, do not keep viewing if it will make you angry because you are not having fun in the sun at the beach.
Somehow Jadyn and Jack determined that if they achieved potty-trained status, then they could have a Spoonlickers date – who am I to argue? I love fro yo and unlimited toppings (sometimes that’s the best part of a frozen treat, but I have to say, the cake batter fro yo doesn’t hurt).

Elijah Wood was on an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba and I was messing around with my phone and caught a scary image of him, had to share it with my peeps.

And another photo of the church domes on the way home – but the sun was just too big and red that day to not get one – sadly, the photos were all a bit blurry.

Jack found a headband and I got to get my hair done (can’t say the scary face was anyone’s fault but my own).

I waited in my car to get this photo because it is just so wrong to do that to a Mustang convertible.

Our first day at the beach Jack discovered the joy that is getting buried in the sand. He asked daily to get his “whole self buried up.” Okay.

Duck Lake State Park is just a special kind of place – so perfect for kids and kids-at-heart. The older kids were schooling the younger kids on proper sand castle building.

Max and Jax will be BFFs for life – this is what happens when your cousin is only a couple months younger than you (and though younger, Max is not surprisingly taller than Jack)

Pure Michigan

All fun in the sun means all naps in the car on the way home!


One response to “Instagram, week 17

  1. just fyi-unlimited toppings cost money. 🙂 you must be way richer than me to not limit them at spoonlickers. 🙂 and i love the beach pics and especially the pink mustang. awesome.

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