Instagram, week 18

Not many photos this week… Hope yours has been wonderful!
My little owl, featured in a previous blog post, was part of Dooce’sDaily Chuck so I had to get a pic of it on my desk and on my computer screen… Guess we both purchase home decor accessories at Coldwater Creek.

It rained this week and I opted to protect my hair with a scarf but ended up channeling a grandma more than anything… That’s okay, at least my hair-drying work wasn’t wasted.

Jack has no trouble performing for the camera (though getting him to sit still to capture a clear image is more difficult, I have half a dozen or more of these in motion and blurry).

I didn’t know Liam knew how to do this with his hands until he showed me over the weekend so I had to capture it on film (but of course).

Jack enjoyed the frosting off this cupcake way more than he enjoyed the actual cake… And then he had the green *ahem* poop *ahem* to show for it.


2 responses to “Instagram, week 18

  1. That scarf-look is HAWT!

  2. love you as a mourner at the crucifixion and i took a pic of kaiya eating a cupcake the same way to send back to you. cuties. all of you!

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