Five Question Friday

Is it Friday already? This week has seemed to drag on and at the same time, fly right by. Lots of fun stuff has been happening and lots of fun stuff to look forward to for the weekend: Greek Festival, Sandy’s baby shower, date night with my hubs, brunch with friends and beach with small group friends (I sure wish weekends could be 3-4 days long instead of 2). Then it’s the last week before school and our new schedule of crazy. So fun.

1. If you could have been (could be) any profession you wanted (brains and $$$ no problem) what would it be?
When I was in high school (and the first semester of college) I wanted to be a pediatrician, or a pediatric surgeon of some sort. Obviously my dedication to the profession did not hold out, but instead I decided that caring for my own children would be enough and switched my major from pre-med to art (I was not alone in this switch, of the four people at my biology lab table, only one stayed pre-med and the rest of us switched after one semester to art, education and business). I think I would still be a doctor if I could or wanted to do all the schooling, I love being at the hospital and I love helping others. Short of that, I would be a philanthropist… finding causes to champion and support and giving money to those who were deserving and needed it.

2. How often do you clean out your car?
You mean, how often does my husband clean out my car. While his car can get loaded with stuff (from rugby and work) he hates having clutter in the swagger wagon so about once a month he cleans it out and complains heartily about the crumb situation. We have the cleanest, tidiest minivan of anyone I know, except maybe my friend, Tracey, whose husband washes their vehicles in their driveway every Saturday it is above freezing.

3. Do you wish there was such a thing as fashion police or are you deeply relieved?
I really don’t give it much thought. If they were judging me, I’m sure there would be good days and bad days, but I don’t know that my self-esteem could handle being torn apart, even by people who had the best of intentions. So I’m rather glad it’s not okay for people to just approach you in life and tell you that you look like poo, alternately, I do wish people would tell you when you looked wonderful, but then I fear if no one every said anything to you that you would wonder if it was because you looked like poo all the time. That would be a bummer.

4. What’s your go to food/drink/activity when stressed?
Food – anything salty and/or Mexican. Drink: Diet Coke/coffee. Activity: Venting/chatting with friends.

5. If you had twins, what would you name them?
In this magical world where you get saddled with twins, I’m going to pretend that they are both girls because we used both our boy name choices with Liam and Jack and I can’t imagine having to decide on another one or two. But for two girls, I have names: Fiona Grace and Sydney Lynn (just one girl would be Fiona Lynn). I love the name Fiona and it would go perfectly with Liam and Jack (a trio of British children). Grace was the middle name we had picked if Liam would have been a girl. Sydney is an homage to Simon’s birthplace (technically Mona Vale, but no matter). And Lynn was my aunt’s name who passed away when I was pregnant with Jack. The only reason I ever hoped for a girl instead of a boy with Jack was to be able to pay tribute to Aunt Lynn, one of my most favorite people in the world.

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3 responses to “Five Question Friday

  1. WOW! BUSY weekend for you! So glad I get to see you tomorrow afternoon….SO EXCITED!

  2. I love your thoughts about the fashion police. It would be nice if people complimented others more. I have a daughter who is five who is at the point where she feels she can say anything to anyone and she is often very complimentary, noticing things about people that others don’t ever really take the time to. It is one of her most endearing qualities, that she can find something beautiful about anyone and she isn’t afraid to share it. Hope that never goes away…isn’t it funny how much you can learn from a five year old?

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