Saturday Randoms

This might not have the same ring to it as other randoms, Saturday Randoms just doesn’t seem to work.

  • Jack keeps randomly saying something along the lines of “My hands/legs/belly/body feel fluffy” in a tone that indicates this is an unwelcome feeling. Each time I look at him when he says this, hoping I don’t find he has something unsavory smeared on that body part, and each time the skin is clean and clear and I am relieved. But I wish I could figure out what he meant by fluffy.
  • I’ve found a new protein source for Jack – Zone bars, because he thinks they are candy bars.
  • Liam wrapped up his summer program on Wednesday and when I asked him what his favorite thing was from the school age program, he said, “My teachers because they were so nice and fun and liked to talk to me.” Melt my heart. And also, success!!
  • Now that the summer program is wrapped up, Liam is intent on getting to come to work with me, though I am not sure what he thinks I do there and why he thinks it would be fun. We do have a box of toys in our front bookshelf but that will only entertain him so long. I do think that on Monday, Simon will drop him off here and we’ll see how much fun he has.
  • I’m eagerly awaiting fall television season kick off… though the new television of the summer has not left me lacking. [In all honesty, I’m just missing my guilty pleasure of watching new episodes of The Vampire Diaries, there, I admitted it (once again).]
  • In prepping for Sandy’s shower, Stephenie and I have realized how deprived of crafting we must have been because we are going a little nuts (or maybe just me) but I love “branding” things and adding creative and thoughtful details. I told Simon, it’s like getting ready for our wedding all over again, I’m not sure whether or not that offended him – I assure you, honey, our wedding was a much bigger deal! I can’t wait for the shower to celebrate Sandy and Baby Girl Hop!!! Doing things = my love language.
  • I’ve thus* far avoided any political commentary on Facebook, I just refuse to make political or religious statements in that media outlet, which is not to say I don’t make statements of faith but faith and religion are not synonymous, sometimes related, but not the same thing. [*Note to autocorrect, this is an instance where I would use the word “thus.”]
  • Am considering a juice cleanse. Is this crazy? I don’t think so. I could use a chance to break my Diet Coke and coffee habit (also my bread and cheese habit, though it is much less “necessary” to my daily life).
  • A woman in the office across the hall has been bringing her 8-week-old apricot-colored, golden-doodle to work with her. His name is Oscar and he is afraid of the front door and oh-my-gosh, he is adorable. Freaking adorable. I want one. [Dear George, I know you can’t read (or use the Internet) but know that I still love you.]
  • We still don’t know who Liam will have as a teacher this year, school starts in 12 days. Thankfully my kid is very go-with-the-flow and doesn’t get anxious about such things, but it would be nice to know. I’m hoping he’ll get the one male teacher, we shall see.
  • I won two things this week, which makes me think I need to enter a third thing to see what I could win… my winning endeavors were a box of goodies from Sugar Momma’s and the winning 100th caption at my friend’s awesome website Ya Don’t Say. I’m thinking of picking this print as my prize.
  • I had a skin tag frozen off at the doctor this week… the only thing really notable about that was that because it was on my upper inner thigh, it was a little too close to an area I’d really prefer to keep liquid nitrogen away from. I had a moment’s pause about my doctor’s skill and then went ahead and hoped for the best. I survived with all my bits in tact. I’m sure you are pleased to know this (unless you are my dad or brothers, in which case you never want to speak of thus again). It’s my blog and I’ll blog about what I want to…
  • I feel I ought to confess that I have a Justin Bieber CD sitting on my laptop. It’s not mine (honest), I borrowed it from Stef so I could make a copy (true story). You could judge me but then you’d have to admit you downloaded a Phil Collins song or a Wilson Phillips album and also sing along to Snoop DoggLion.

6 responses to “Saturday Randoms

  1. Love your ramblings – just worried about the “fluffy” feeling – I have a son with food allergies and although the reaction was in his mouth when he ate the wrong food (tingly or itchy tongue and throat) your son may be feeling a reaction on his skin – and he could develop a rash that is due to the food allergy. I’m not a doctor, but a concerned mother. Good luck and I hope it’s nothing!

    • Yeah – I keep watching him when he says it and it’s never the same body part and no rashes ever appear… I wonder if it is just something tingling. I hope it’s nothing, too! 🙂

  2. I’m wondering if Jack’s parts are asleep and he’s talking about the pins/needles? We had that same issue with C. when he was younger.

    Eeeeekkkkk! I can’t wait to see your crafting! I did a bit of crafting myself last night. 🙂

    Juice cleanse….hmmmmm, if you’re serious about it, I’ll support you through it. I don’t know much about the juice stuff, but from what I’ve heard be prepared for the worst headache of your life! Herbalife has a 3-day liquid cleanse called the La Bamba- which cleanses you of toxins and sugars. It’s all protein based liquid, so the hunger is pretty squelched. I’ve done it 3x and lost between 4-8 pounds everytime. (If you go that route, let me know- I can get products for you at 50% off).

    I think Oscar is the perfect name for a dog. I may have to bring that one up to Dave later….hhhmmmmm.

    • Love your crafting – the roses are gorgeous and I love the vase 😉 And yes, I’d def be interested in trying LaBamba, I can do anything in three days and def see the benefit of a toxin cleanse.

  3. I’ve done a couple juice fasts. They have obviously worked- as evidenced by my limited intake of coffee, diet Coke, bread, cheese, and desserts. Oh wait…

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