Thursday Randoms

  • For lunch today I had a grape and fig protein smoothie that I believe has some cinnamon or nutmeg in it. It was very unusual and quite tasty (like for real).
  • My five-day juice/raw food detox is actually going quite well. I would not use the word “enjoy” but it really isn’t bad. I was realizing last night that I while I really wanted to eat something, it wasn’t because I was actually hungry, just that I wanted to eat – which is the wrong reason to eat.
  • I cannot imagine not enjoying food – but I know there are people who aren’t all about new flavors or delicious bites, very strange people who food does nothing for.
  • The evening meals might be my most favorite of the whole thing – we get raw soups each day: Thai Curry, Tomato Basil, Cream of Celery and tonight is Beet. They have been delicious and served with sesame seed crackers that at first weren’t that tasty to me but by last night were delicious (funny how your perspective shifts)
  • I have “cheated” with a couple tablespoons of soybeans and a hard-boiled egg (the first day I really needed a little extra protein), but otherwise I’ve been diligent – even drinking “fake” coffee (a blend of roasted barley, rye, chicory root, dandelion root and beetroot. I really don’t even know myself after reading that last sentence.
  • MOPS starts up next week – I am super excited about that!
  • This weekend is the women’s retreat for church… happy day! So looking forward to 2 days of fellowship and rest (plus a whole bunch of laughter).
  • Thank goodness for my mom who is coming to watch the boys while Simon is at work tomorrow afternoon/evening.
  • I’m possibly addicted to a natural shellac manicure… it makes my nails strong and unbreakable (aside from one I totally snapped off driving yesterday) and it stays on for nearly three weeks.
  • Liam has made a new good friend at school and I am so thankful and think it is super sweet that they have found each other. Liam is invited to his birthday party on Sunday and he is over the moon.
  • Liam said yesterday, “It’s no fair, Jack gets to do all sorts of fun things [i.e., walking with mommy, mall with daddy] and I just have to work, work, work all day!” Because first grade is so hard.
  • Whereas Jack strongly believes that it is no fair that Liam gets to go to school every day and he just has to hang out with daddy. Poor kids. Life is so hard.
  • In other news, I’m not my most sympathetic self this week.
  • I read a book I’d highly recommend to those in search of a good, funny, poignant read. The author is one of my favorite reviewers from the early days of Television Without Pity who now has her own blog and (apparently) career as a novelist. The book is called “You Take It From Here” Here’s the recap from Amazon:
    On the heels of a divorce, all Danielle Meyers wants is her annual vacation with sassy, life-long best friend, Smidge—complete with umbrella cocktails by an infinity pool—but instead she’s hit with the curveball of a lifetime. Smidge takes Danielle to the middle of nowhere to reveal a diagnosis of terminal cancer, followed by an unusual request: “After I’m gone, I want you to finish the job. Marry my husband. Raise my daughter. I’m gonna teach you to how to be Smidge 2.0.”As Danielle wrestles with this major life decision, she finds herself torn between being true to her best friend’s wishes and being honest with herself. Parenting issues aside, Smidge’s small-town Louisiana world is exactly the one Danielle made sure to escape. Danielle isn’t one for playing the social butterfly, or being the center of attention. And when your best friend tries to set you up on a date night with her husband, it might be time to become the bossy one for a change.
    In the spirit of Beaches and Steel Magnolias, You Take It from Here is an honest, hilarious, and heartbreaking novel that ultimately asks: How much should we sacrifice for the ones we love the most?
  • Simon and I got sucked into listening to a financial advisor for 2.5 hours yesterday. Apparently this person has been a sociologist, a business owner, a musician, an arts major, a world traveler and now a financial planner. Ugh. He was long-winded and told all the same stories he told when we met originally to talk about business stuff (albeit much more briefly, otherwise I would not have met with him again). Dislike. Plus when he found out I went to Calvin, he really turned up the Christian-isms, though he hadn’t at all indicated he was a person of faith before that. Double dislike.
  • I scared a little boy the other day when I saw that he was noticing Jack’s little hand – as in staring at it and holding onto it (the boy was probably 9 or 10) – so I said, “Jack, do you want to tell him about your hand?” And the boy then knew I noticed he was noticing it and instead of sticking around and listening to him, he ran away. Sorry about that.
  • A new brewery is opening north of town – cannot wait to check it out with Simon… Perrin Brewing Co. here we come!

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