Five Question Friday

Welcome to Friday everyone! I am on the final day of the juice/raw food detox and I don’t feel too awful – I’m not sure how I am supposed to feel but I was prepared to feel awful. So I am happily surprised. Maybe my Diet Coke/coffee “addiction” isn’t as bad as I thought. I have had zero tummy issues on the detox so I am little afraid of what will happen when I eat dairy or gluten as I fear I might have a sensitivity to something (perhaps not one of those things and just bad/greasy/acidic food in general). We shall see – I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime… Five Question Friday, anyone?

1. How long did it take for you to find your wedding dress? (Wedding dress pics anyone?)
First store, first time out. I found two dresses that I liked, but one of them I really loved. Of course the one I loved cost quite a bit more than the other one but in the end, we went with the more expensive one and I am glad because I felt like a princess and didn’t have a moments pause the whole day over my dress (or my hubby). Thanks, Mom!

2. Someone in your general vicinity releases a NASTY smelling fart. Do you say anything or blow it off?
If it was a stranger, I’d scrunch up my nose a little but probably avoid eye contact. If it’s someone I know, I totally call them on it. I typically* own up to my “windies” (as my mom had me call them growing up) and I expect others to do the same. Now if I am out with my kids, they will say something out loud if they smell something offensive so all bets are off then – strangers, you have been warned.

* I say typically because if I am holding an infant and pass gas, I will most likely blame it on the baby. Only because it seems in poor form to own up to farting while holding some else’s sweet bundle.

3. What is the scariest thing that happened to you or scared you recently?
Recently… nothing too big. We did almost get side-swiped by an Illinois driver who was merging onto the highway and just came over into our lane without even glancing over their shoulder to check for traffic. I honked and had to switch lanes. But it’s at a spot I am always prepared for drivers to merge over so I was partially prepared, but it’s the first time it’s actually happened. It made me a little bit mad and a whole lot scared because had I not been diligent at that particular spot, we would have been hit.

4. Favorite brand and flavor of ice cream.
My favorite, which they don’t make any more, was Ben & Jerry’s “From Russia with Buzz.” It was their “Coffee, Coffee, Buzz, Buzz” ice cream mixed with White Russian flavored “From Russia with Love.” What’s not to love.

Another favorite, which they also no longer make, was Haagen Dazs’ Sticky Toffee Pudding (blogged about here).

5. Are you able to sleep well in hotels?
It’s a 50/50 shot. Often the first night of a trip I have a hard time falling asleep, I supposed because I’m excited about the fun that is to come. But sometimes I have zero problem at all. In general, I have a difficult time falling asleep, I have to be very tired with nothing on my mind. I am not one of those people who falls asleep while watching TV or a movie, I have to make a conscious decision to fall asleep. And then there’s my husband who could sleep anywhere, including in a room filled with people, as long as he’s slightly reclined. I wish I had that gift.

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10 responses to “Five Question Friday

  1. Windies….I love it.

  2. Oh- and I LOVE your dress! I’m a BIG fan of the asymetrical look- it’s so pretty!

  3. My wedding dress looked very similar to yours! And I think we’ve discussed this before, but I’m pretty sure I have never in my life fallen asleep in front of the TV or during a movie.

  4. i am one of those people who sleeps on buses as well as movie theatres.

  5. Falling asleep anywhere is a family trait. Also power naps.
    I, too,have fallen asleep in a room full of people & while watching tv, although I sometimes have problems doing so once actually in bed! Go figure!

  6. My my look at that sunset, beautiful 🙂

  7. hah. We called them windies in our house, too. Or poots. Somehow, farts must’ve seemed too vulgar. 😉

    And I can easily fall asleep watching TV, but the sleep gift I really enjoy (but that drives my husband crazy), is sleeping in a car. I’m like a newborn baby–drive me around a bit, and I can be out like a light. When we’re traveling through a really boring part of the country, I quite enjoy it, but it makes for a long and lonely drive for hubby!

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