Wednesday Randoms

  • I mistakenly typed “ransoms” instead of “randoms” for the title of this post, it made me laugh. I’d like to imagine I’m holding things hostage – like all the Legos I find strewn through our house, or a last can of Diet Coke in the house.
  • Liam randomly said on our way to small group on Sunday, “I think instead of a spanking, you should give me a hard wedgie instead.” I don’t think anyone could blame me for laughing out loud at that one.
  • October is the month of Sandy’s due date – I cannot wait to meet that baby girl! (It should be noted it may not be the month of Sandy’s actual delivery – and for noting that, Sandy may kill me the next time she sees me and I would be deserving)
  • Liam has often fixated on doing one thing over and over again (you know, until the next thing comes along and to the point of annoying his dear mother). The current “annoying” habit of choice is snapping his fingers; he’ll be putting toys away or playing with a friend and stop mid-whatever to snap his fingers over and over again. I’m sure it’s some type of coping mechanism but I can’t help but tell him to stop it.
  • Jack has fully mastered the art of telling me he loves me just as I’m about to be fed up with his bad behavior.
  • He’s also mastered the art of wrapping every adult he meets around his little finger. Help me.
  • Fall television is making me happy. So nice to have a stocked DVR for my viewing pleasure.
  • Triple Chip Blondies are delicious – I have to mention these again – but trust that if you have invited me somewhere or I am bringing you food – I will be making these. Also trust that you may not want to think about the quantities of butter and brown sugar in them.
  • My husband very kindly folded all our laundry this week, this makes him a better person than me.
  • I’m praising my husband on my blog, therefore I am also pretty awesome. I mean, right?
  • The boys were upstairs watching TV over the weekend when Liam came down to tell us Jack had gotten into some lotion (it’s never good when the six-year-old notices something is amiss despite the TV being on). While pretending to be a “minja” (a.k.a., ninja), he had managed to fling the contents of a bottle of sleep aromatherapy lotion all around our bedroom – hitting the dresser, the bed, the ceiling, the nightstand light, inside of one of my shoes, a pair of pants sitting on the laundry basket across the room and a pile of books. It could have been worse, it could have been chocolate or the stuffing of our couch. It’s all a matter of perspective – it’s sad when splattered handfuls of lotion doesn’t even rank.
  • Monday night I got to go to my first [non-family] concert of the year with my friend, Sarah. Ingrid Michaelson was phenomenal (and hilarious – she performed a spoof of Lady Gaga’s bad romance with lyrics about a goat, trust me, too funny)! I love the Calvin FAC and I love live music and I really love a night spent with a wonderful friend!
  • Ingrid (I can call her that because we’re totally friends now – yup) had an opening act that I also loved: Sugar and the Hi Lows. Check them out if you want some mellow, catchy music… rest assured I’ll be featuring them soon on Music Monday.
  • Remember when I said that the school year wouldn’t be so different from our normal summer routine because I still work and the kids were used to daycare? Or maybe I just thought it. Either way, I was wrong, wrong, wrong. School, even with one kid, is very different and very time-consuming and very much screwing up my schedule and making me feel overwhelmed with busy-ness. That is all. And also, I should never have thought that.
  • I cannot say enough how much I enjoy our small group at church. Get theeself a small group – it might end up being one of the best things you’ve ever done.
  • We had curriculum night at school last week and Liam’s teacher amazes me with her positive, energetic attitude – if I were a first grader I would adore her (as an adult, I like her just fine). She and her hubby were high school sweethearts which is the cutest – I believe that awesome people marry (and stay with) their high school sweethearts, it’s not for everyone. I myself had a series of high school obsessions crushes, I am not that kind of awesome.
  • Liam (and by extension, Jack, see above lotion incident) is OB-sessed with ninjas. He had to depict a story problem for homework, he drew ninjas; at PT on Monday morning he was telling the therapist about his favorite Lego Ninjagos; he drew a picture for his cousin Mitch, it was of a ninja and when he made a coaster/tile for me at daycare, he painted a ninja on it.
  • Jack seems to know when I am just full of it or not taking him seriously. Sunday morning I was trying to get him to leave the nursery and he was insistent that he had more pictures to collect that he had colored, although there was only one on the counter with his name on it. When we finally discovered a stack of about ten more on a shelf, he looked at me crossly and huffed, “You say me there was no more… but there were!” Like, I have got your number, woman and I will have none of it. Trouble.

5 responses to “Wednesday Randoms

  1. I told my boys about a year ago that smacks made them little and eating their dinner made them big! I thought that was clever but alas was another error in parenting. Harrison now asks for an apple every time he gets a smack and if he knows he’s misbehaved he begs me (not to forgo the smack but) to nomayo make him little. He is desperate to be tall enough to go on the Tower of Terror at Dreamworld next time we are over home so in petrified of smacks!
    If Scott folds the washing, I just refold it anyway (he’s terrible at it…shhh).
    Be grateful it was lotion. Did you see my picture of my bathroom coated in NAIL POLISH? (but that was my fault)? 7 hours and 2 bottle of nail polish remover before heading out to Heartkids Ball.
    I saw a clip art thingy on Facebook the other day that said there are 3 types of pain. 1. Pain, 2. Excruciating pain and 3. Stepping on a piece of Lego pain! I related to that! I also relate to the Ninja obsession. I really wish I could just remember which colours Cole, Kai, and the other 2 are. I cleaned my table of Lego 4 times yesterday and still couldn’t set the table for dinner….argh!
    Love to you all x x x x x

    • I remember the nail polish and I am certainly glad I got lotion rather than that – I would have cried. I just love our kids and all the fun things they bring into our lives!

  2. This BETTER be delivery month. It had BETTER be!!!! And I still love ya- only because you were the one that said, by proportion to others going after their due date, I should go early. 🙂

    Wow…you are just a walking contridiction, aren’t you? Sassy pants!

  3. i love that i can hear you say this stuff-like ob-sessed. you have such a lovely sing song to your voice!

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