More search terms to laugh at

How about a little laughter at other peoples’ expense? (Previous posts of this variety: August 2011, November 2011, March 2012, May 2012 and July 2012).

  • yarn lanterns | this search term is actually in the top ten so far this year which baffles me and also makes me think I should give the following warning: yarn lanterns are perhaps fire hazards, please do not burn your house down by putting a candle in something made of yarn.
  • baby rooms for guys | everyone knows that a baby’s room is decorated purely for the pleasure of its mother (as is our right), I’m still hoping this person is allowing some influence from the father and is not with someone who wants a baby room for themselves, like some sad fetish fantasy. Men can sometimes act like babies, but if your man wants to be a baby, turn and RUN! [And if you like that, please don’t read my blog.]
  • top ten things people use everyday | did this person want a list so they could make sure they were using the right things or just like everyone else? It’s not too hard to imagine what those things might be: toilet, sink, bed, couch, car, brush, toothbrush, shower, coffee (duh) and credit card.
  • music to make me happy | I hope this person found what they were looking for but that would only work if they like the same kind of music as me… not if they were into say, country or heavy metal or latin fusion.
  • kid boy pee | I just like this funny chain of words, simple and succinct, no extra words to muddy the search engine waters
  • pictures of ingrown finger nail | gross
  • mens gymnast with porn mustache | this just made me laugh out loud because I saw him on tv, too, this person and I would be friends
  • what is liam’s favorite song and why | what is liam’s favorite song is in my top ten search terms but this one adds the little “and why” and it made me smile… again, what Liam are you wondering this about? Why does his opinion matter so much to you?
  • “second toe” “freakish” AND “toes are” “longer than” | two separate searches related to toes with random quote marks… people, I have strangely long toes, deal with it.
  • does anyone else think chris martin of coldplay voice sucks? | nope, just you
  • what’s bradley cooper’s favorite animal | a panda bear? a humpback whale? a Macaroni penguin? Really, I have no idea but I do think it’s cute that someone wants to know this. Maybe it’s for a report they are writing for school on their favorite actor or maybe it was a search executed by a journalist looking for some personal tidbit of information to add to a story… thinking, what would make Bradley Cooper even more adorable? Oh, I know, maybe he loves Persian kittens.
  • dunkin donuts floor plan | what do you need to know this for? The only thing you need to know about Dunkin Donuts is that they have a counter, behind which are donuts and you can buy them to stuff in your mouth hole and make your stomach happy.
  • crocs in public | I’ve done it, I just don’t care what you think about it. People go to the grocery store in the pajamas, my wearing plastic shoes is nothing.
  • what were your awkward years | If you must know, 5th grade through freshman year of high school (ish). Some could argue that the awkward years are still in full effect, but that someone can just shut up.
  • smelling surgery mask | I honestly can’t think of any reason for this search term as it is and that is all.

Most popular in the last quarter:

  • roll ’em ferndock | see this post
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  • kippers | see this post (also, the last time I was home, I saw some in my parent’s cupboard)
  • symbrachydachtyly | see these posts
  • something related to buttercream transfers or lightning mcqueen cakes | see this post
  • liam’s favorite song | here are some songs he likes
  • ememby | congrats – you’ve found my blog, hope you were looking for me

2 responses to “More search terms to laugh at

  1. You make me laugh.

  2. You also make me laugh. As does smelling surgery mask.

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