Wednesday Randoms

For two weeks in a row you get some Wednesday randoms… lucky you!

  • Liam is reading up a storm which makes me so very proud (in 4th grade I filled a small handful of large index cards with the titles of books I read – our teacher tracked them for RIF – Reading Is Fun(damental) – I was a bit of a book nerd, still am). He’s also started the Magic Treehouse Series and I’m excited to read those with him. I wish he loved math as much as he loves reading (and also making things out of Legos).
  • Speaking of Legos, I made an alligator out of Legos yesterday which impressed the pants off of Liam – he kept saying, I really like that alligator you made, mom, you did a great job! Liam’s love language seems to be words of affirmation.
  • My hair is officially LONG, but I still want to grow it out a few more inches before lopping it off for Locks of Love – sorry, Simon, you’ll just have to wait about 6 more months (my husband is one of the few who prefers shorter hair)
  • I know I just posted a search term thing last week, but the following just came through and cracked me up: “how to care for a duckling” you are barking up the wrong tree with this blog, sorry.
  • The Civil Wars Radio station on Pandora is the awesome. Listen to it. You will be happy.
  • I believe that desserts should be all-in, if you are going to indulge, then make it worth it. To wit, I made the following: put a layer of ice cream sandwiches in a cake pan, top with half of a large container of cool whip, pour jar of caramel over top and chopped up oreos (I used a row of Double Stuf); add another layer of ice cream sandwiches, cool whip, swirl butterscotch on top and sprinkle (liberally) with chopped PB cups. Freeze and serve. It was well-received.
  • We went out with part of our small group on Sunday night and I ordered two meatless things at a restaurant where I normally get a Cuban and I think that my friend, Stef, was almost disgusted with me. I said, “You feel like you don’t even know me right now.” It was good – meatless “meatloaf” was the entree with mashed potatoes that had a delicious smokey flavor. SO good. But I promise to order the Cuban next time – with sweet potato fries.
  • I believe that if you almost run into someone with your car, you should at least wave and mouth sorry to the person you’ve almost injured. You should not continue driving, staring straight forward and pretending like an accident did not almost occur. If you do that to me, I will want to then hit your car with my car – I won’t actually do that, but I will want to.
  • I get worked up over people who use double spaces after periods (not necessary unless you are using a typewriter), serial commas (they are evil) and random capitalization (all caps for emphasis is okay, capitalizing words that don’t need it just because well, not okay). I am a word nerd (while I’m laying all my nerdiness out there, I’m also a pop culture nerd but not quite a music nerd – more like a music admirer). Thank you for still loving me.
  • Jack has been waking up in the night for the last two nights saying he can’t sleep – last night he also mentioned his ear hurting but this morning it miraculously doesn’t hurt. Hmmm… I think it’s a growth spurt, which would also explain his crazy behavior of late… he’s been in and out of timeout more times than I care to recount, picking on Liam and instigating a six-year-old’s indignant wrath and also coloring all over every surface in our kitchen while I was going to the bathroom yesterday (seriously, I should be allowed to use the bathroom without a fear of what he will get into). And then last night, he woke up 8 times before midnight and each time needed to cuddle on the couch and snooze until suddenly he’d awake and want to go BACK. TO. BED. But he did do this:

So all is forgiven because these cuddles I get like NEVER, ironic considering our sitter last night said that Jack is always the cuddly one. Um, what?


5 responses to “Wednesday Randoms

  1. I am totally guilty of double spaces after periods. I didn’t even know until quite recently (but before last night) that that was a thing of the past. (And incidentally, how do you feel about using the word “that” twice in a row… I’m not a fan, but how else was I supposed to say that?) Anywho- I’m thinking that a 20-year habit of double spaces is not really going to be broken any time soon.. so sorry- deal with it. 🙂

    • I know… it’s really my own personal issue 🙂 I think because I never took a real typing/keyboarding class, I never learned the habit myself. I’m willing to concede on that point 🙂 A friend just posted something on FB about the definitely of a synonym being a word you use in place of the one you can’t spell – which is totally me 🙂

  2. I do the same thing! I had to google it after I read this post….I had no idea it was a thing of the past. Oh well, call me ancient. That habit is hard to break!

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