My phone has this handy feature where you add words to your personal dictionary so autocorrect will become friends with them and not try to change them. You can also go in and edit that list (though you cannot go in and tell it to give preference to “love” over “live” and “this” over “thus” – whatevs) so yesterday I went through and reviewed what I had in there so I could take out words I’d inadvertently added in my haste to get something typed (you also have to accept a whole word in order to go back and edit it, otherwise it won’t let you type in the middle of it since it doesn’t recognize it and when you’ve typed a big word, you don’t want to start over so I’ve accepted certain words just so I could go and fix them, which is how I ended up with the non-word “babysutting” in my personal dictionary. So I went through and cleaned up my list and was amused by a number of words I found in there – keep in mind, these are words that autocorrect would not recognize so I had to manually add them:

  • autocorrect (irony right there)
  • Bieber/Biebs
  • boob and boobs
  • burrito
  • carmelitas
  • Chewbacca
  • cilantro
  • crapsicle
  • cumin
  • decaf (because it’s just not necessary)
  • detox/detoxed/detoxes
  • ditty-bling (I have no idea)
  • farted
  • frak
  • frosting
  • Magneto
  • minja
  • Mraz
  • mullet
  • noes (as in “ohs noes”)
  • obvs
  • peed/poo/poop/poops/pooper/poopy/pooped/potty (I have boys)
  • s-e-x (I had to spell it, apparently autocorrect is a prude)
  • shit/shite/shitting/shitty (see above, and sometimes you just need to swear, sorry mom)
  • smoothie
  • tomatillos (the last in a list of Mexican recipe ingredients; what does autocorrect have against delicious food?)
  • weepy/wheezie/whiny/whammy/wifey/wonky
  • xtina

Oh how this makes me laugh.


One response to “Priorities

  1. I seem to remember a few of these auto corrects! I think it’s funny!

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