Instagram | 27

What we’ve been up to: drinking smoothies, hanging out, snuggling babies, going to the dentist and eating burgers. Just life.

This was taken on the day we bought the “homeless” man a smoothie. We enjoyed Blimey Limey and Pomegranate Plunge.

Sometimes Jack cuddles with me, usually when I let him watch TV.

Found love – sometimes it’s the little things.

Jack’s princess toothbrush. I love that this perfectly depicts life – Jack lounging about on the floor and George waiting for me to just sit down so he can rest (he follows me around wherever I go – everyone else he will relax for and go find a place to curl up, but for me, he is at my side. I am his person.)

Day four of smoothies… Jack gets his own cup because he will break the Styrofoam cups 90% of the time. This time around it was Blimey Limey and Guava Punch.

Sweet baby Ethan – I just love him and those cheeks. Wish we could have stayed for hours…

The capitol building in Lansing… not D.C. as Liam questioned. Did you know a building is spelled capitol and a city is spelled capital? Google is educating me every day.

On our date night @ Stella’s – Simon had a high-maintenance burger: “Can I get the Government Cheese Stuffed Burger… without tomatoes and pickles and can you add bacon, sauted onions and barbeque sauce?” I had The Mr. Fables (olive burger with blue cheese and subbed aged white cheddar for the Swiss). I am dreaming about that burger.

It stormed two nights ago and George could not get close enough to me on the couch so he curled up on my lap and wouldn’t move. It’s a good thing he weighs less than ten pounds, he can be a legitimate lap dog.


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  1. i love J’s toothbrush.

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