Tuesday Randoms

  • Well, it happened, I forgot to pick up Liam. Technically, I didn’t forget, I thought his art class started yesterday so I wasn’t planning on picking him up until 5:00. At 3:50 I got a call from his school, his teacher started with, ” Hi Michelle, it’s Emily, Liam’s teacher…” and I said, “Oh no.” We both laughed and I went and picked him up (thankfully I was just at work and only 5 minutes away). Liam was not at all bothered by my snafu and the first thing he said to me was, “So my teacher’s real name is Emily?” Mark that one off the fear list.
  • Baby Ethan was as lovely and cuddle-able as I had hoped! Liam and I got to visit he and Quinn in the hospital (Jack stayed home with my parents – we thought that was a wise decision). Liam loves babies and got to hold Ethan twice and asked to have a picture of them printed so he could take it to school for Super Star week.
  • Speaking of Super Star week, I feel like this is a good idea in theory so the other kids can get to know each of their classmates but in reality is just more work for parents. I hadn’t printed pictures for over a year (though I have gotten photo books made, so there’s that) but I had to pull out something for Liam to take to school. We also had to do a poster for Jack’s Me Museum at daycare – more pictures. But at least we are done for the year now so I can go back to not printing pictures. It works well for me until I feel guilty about it (another thing to add to the list).
  • I’m very sad for the apple season in Michigan – I paid $4 for a half gallon of [local] fresh cider over the weekend.
  • My college friends and I are planning a weekend away next month. We are excited. We had to make a list and take notes for who was bringing what – it only took us two hours to cover details for two days (because we get sidetracked easily). It boiled down to this: snacks (sweet and salty, lots of ’em), drinks (alcoholic and caffeinated; see also: copious amounts) and sleep. Also bacon. We are simple girls with simple needs.
  • Simon’s going to Cleveland this weekend for rugby (they made the finals) – I hope they win but I am not thrilled about a whole weekend without my partner in parenting. Our plans at the moment include donuts. That seems about right.
  • The following weekend we are surprising the boys with a trip north to stay overnight at an indoor waterpark. Liam went on his first water slide Friday night and LOVED it (despite describing to me how he had his mouth filled with water at the end, which sounded an awful lot like almost drowning) and I blew his mind when I explained there are places that have tons of water slides and that you can go there and play in the water for hours and hours. Now I am excited for that weekend to get here!
  • Last week we had smoothies every day. I blame a $2/smoothie deal and also how delicious they are. We also ended up buying a smoothie for a guy who was asking for food/money next to the driveway leaving the shopping area. Liam could read that his sign said “Hungry” so he asked if we could buy him a smoothie. I tried explaining that he would rather have food he could put in his backpack but he said, “But I think he would like a smoothie because they are so good.” I want to encourage this kind of thoughtfulness so we bought him a smoothie with added protein and I gave it to him as we were leaving – Liam was very anxious that he wouldn’t need food any more as we watched someone give him a loaf of bread – and I had to apologize if it was strange that we were giving him a smoothie. Liam was beyond thrilled and kept congratulating himself on being helpful. It was a happy moment for both of us – so if you saw a guy outside of Target drinking a smoothie, please don’t think he was wasting any money that someone got him on a smoothie rather than food for his family.
  • Does anyone else plan their errands around where they can get a McDonald’s Diet Coke or visit Starbuck’s drive-thrus? Because I totally do.
  • I surprised Simon with a date night on Sunday night and on our way there, driving just minutes from our house, we passed a brand new Tim Hortons – one we had heard NOTHING about (Tim Horton’s in GR is a huge deal – two others opened in the last six months but before that, the Canadian students at Calvin would drive an hour to Lansing to go to the one(s) there so it was surprising we knew nothing about it). It’s in an old KFC building. We will still go to our beloved Sandy’s Donuts, but we might have to add Timmy’s to the rotation.
  • Our date night was a success – delicious burgers from Stella’s (if anyone knows what they mix in their patties, please tell me – I will owe you BIG) and a superbly-made movie, Argo. Check both of them out, you won’t be sorry. Also, if you want a double date couple – we’re totally planning on revisiting Stella’s.
  • Just realized this list is pretty much a weekend recap and while I could change the title, I’m not going to.
  • I am d-o-n-e with politics, political commercials and people calling my office about politics. Election Day cannot come soon enough… and then we will have a two-year respite before they start campaigning again, because let’s face it, political campaigns are the worst offenders when it comes to getting an early start – way worse than stores who advertise Christmas in October. I’d much rather see signs for Christmas in June than watch another political ad (unless it is done by the cast of The West Wing).
  • I have eaten these acorn squash quesadillas five times in the last week. You should make them if you like good food (or come over and eat them because I’m sure I’ll make them again). And then blame Heidi for introducing me to them.

6 responses to “Tuesday Randoms

  1. You get political calls at WORK?!?!? Seriously?

    I’m so glad we disconnected our home phone at the beginning of this year….it’s been so quiet in our house without the phone ringing every 2 seconds. I, too, will be glad when the election is over.

  2. Crap. I missed smoothie week. Why didn’t someone remind me??

  3. Politics in the US is boring compared to Lebanon, your guys do telemarketing calls and televised debates, over here in the last week we have had assassinations, car bombings, riots, Syrian and Israeli spy rings, and the full army patrolling the streets. Makes for much more entertaining viewing!!

  4. We are perfectly safe where we live. Even during the civil war nothing happened in Jbeil, which is the closest major centre to our place. I wouldnt allow Ola and Jasmine to stay if i thought they were in danger. We also have evacuation plans in place if something major did happen, involving a safehouse high in the mountains, and then a boat to Cyprus, but that is only in an ultimate worst case situation. In the meantime, it warms the blood and keeps the adrenaline flowing, and is definitely never boring.

    • I think Ola could be a force to be reckoned with if anyone threatened you guys 😉 Remind me to consult with you if I ever need an exit strategy…

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