Things I Would Buy*

*If I had unlimited funds, was already giving half my money to charity and had my boys’ college education paid for [just so we’re clear, not trying to be frivolous here, just dreaming in a place way outside of reality.]

Starbucks Verismo Machine

Available here
The Starbucks version of a Keurig… so you can have hand-crafted Starbucks drinks at home… in theory this is wonderful. Latte at the touch of a button? Sign me up.

Qantas First Class Suite
Available here
This would be the way to travel to Australia, though I wonder how people with children do this since each seat is it’s own little pod [I believe the answer is that people who fly in the First Class Suite accommodations do not travel with children; it would be great if these suites also came with childcare – for the price you pay, you’d think this could be possible.]

Diet Coke Machine
Available somewhere
I’d give Simon and the kids a couple slots for Coke Zero and Sprite, but the rest would provide me with icy cold Diet Coke at the push of a button. (Obviously I would have a service that kept it stocked for me since I can’t keep my own fridge stocked – last week the kids got Happy Meals for dinner because I wanted a large Diet Coke from McDonald’s since we only have caffeine-free at home – admitting you have a problem is the first step.)

Luxury Mountain Villa in Colorado
Available in my dreams
It doesn’t have to be this particular “house,” any one that would hold our family and a handful of other people would be perfectly fine. And skiing lessons. And perhaps a private jet to get us all there.

Brookstone Massage Chair
Available here
Have always wanted one of these… sure a personal masseuse would perhaps be better, but this chair couldn’t hurt.

Motorcycle [for Simon]
Available at nevergonnahappen.haha
I’ve long told Simon that after we buy absolutely everything we could ever want to buy, then he can get a motorcycle. His dad rebuilt Harleys so it seems appropriate for Simon, but I’d let him get whatever one he wanted, you know, provided EVERY other thing was purchased.

Bose Wave Music System
Available here
Awesome sound quality, small intrusion on space – sounds good to me. We currently listen to music at home via our phones or tablets and while it does the job, actually haven’t it sound good would be nice.

Frye Veronica Slouch Boots
Available here
I have thick calves, tall boots are make for ladies with tiny little calves so these boots for wide calves (as recommended by Amber at My Aim is True) are ones I’d love to get.


3 responses to “Things I Would Buy*

  1. You should just get that stuff. šŸ™‚ We will split the cottage in Colorado with you. šŸ™‚

  2. If I wanted to get a bike (and I have thought about it) Ola would have no problems, but the way people here drive it would be suicide to ride one on the highway, its dangerous enough in a large 4×4!

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