Wednesday Randoms

  • I got a new phone over the weekend – another Droid (an HTC One X if you must know) and I’m a happy girl. The screen resolution is greatly improved, the camera is hugely better, it doesn’t randomly stop working AND it has a SWYPE keyboard which I have missed since I got my last phone (which did not). Strangely, the very first time someone called me, it wouldn’t pick up and just kept ringing and ringing, which was disconcerting but since then it has been 100% perfect. Added bonus: I got to keep my old phone which will still work on a WiFi network and so we have yet another piece of technology with which to distract our children with at restaurants and on car trips.
  • Last night I took the boys to Chili’s for dinner by myself because they had a special where you get two free kids meals for each adult entree purchased. For $9 we all ate what we wanted to (even picky Jack was pleased with fries, chicken fingers and a milk), you can’t beat that. You also can’t beat the fact that Jack ate happily and quietly while watching an episode of the Backyardigans while Liam and I talked about his day (judge away but I had already spent 3 hours with just Jack, hanging out, playing and talking about his day, which went like this [according to him]: I ate bweckfast, I pwayed bad guys, I watched a show while daddy took a shower, I ate snacks, I wead some books and I pwayed some more with my guys).
  • I was listening to Jack play with his guys the other day and had to smile when I heard him create the following conversation between two toys:
    Toy A: Ayudame! [help me in Spanish]
    Toy B: Okay, I’ll help you!
    Toy A: Great… Skadoosh (a word he picked up from Kung Fu Panda commercials on Disney – a channel I wish DID NOT show commercials. Dear Disney – I will forever push Nick Jr. on my kids because of the lack of commercials)
    Toy B: Let’s go… see you later, alligator!
  • Two houses across the street from each other in our neighborhood had their Christmas lights up and turned on last weekend. I was going to post some outrage to this happening and then I remembered that we left our inside Christmas decorations up until mid-February last year. Touché. Carry on early Christmas celebrators, carry on. [Note: We also still have one strand of Christmas lights up on the mantle, because they are pretty (well, because they are pretty and I cannot be bothered to take them down).]
  • We had conferences for Liam on Monday… he is doing as expected. The learning behavior he is having the hardest time with is “Demonstrating stamina in large group settings” (the wording for that cracks me up a bit) but it means he can’t sit still when they are in a big group and after a few minutes will move to sit by someone else are fidget a lot. No shocker there but I am glad to know this is normal behavior and not worrisome to the teacher. We were very excited to learn he is ahead of the curve for reading (I’m going to take credit for that since I encourage him to read song titles on the radio display in our minivan [I am KIDDING, people]) and I’m going to brag for just a minute because I am so proud of him: by the end of the year she would want the kids to be reading level 16 books for the daily take-home reading and he is already on level 14 books. And by January his teacher would like students to know 130-159 sight words and he is already at 163! The best is the look on his face when he reads a word correctly or finishes a book and gets all the words right. I’m so glad he loves reading!
  • And that’s all there is time for today…
  • But wait… this weekend is my GWA – CANNOT WAIT! I love my boys but this mommy needs a little girl time!

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