What’s the what


Someone is clearly not participating in NaBloPoMo (that’s national blog posting month where you post a new something EVERY DAY)… sorry, I know you were just dying for a little daily insight from me. Here, let me help you out: each day you can consider one of the following things and I’m sure one of them will have crossed my mind that day and we can both pretend I’m right there with you:

  1. Adam Levine/Bradley Cooper/Ian Somerhalder are pretty foxy (and none are Australian so I am being true to my husband when I admit that to y’all)
  2. Diet Coke/smoothies/liberally salted tortilla chips are perfect foods.
  3. What has gotten into my children? Red dye? Sugar? Caffeine? Meth?
  4. That person driving in front of you, totally the worst driver ever with the dumbest personalized license plate ever.
  5. Christmas shopping is best done from the comfort of my office chair/couch. Amazon Lightning Deals, you rock!

So there you go, in case I leave you again for two weeks, you have something to keep you company. And yes, it’s been two weeks since I posted on this here bloggity blog, during that time I have done the following:

  • Gone to another concert on a college campus, still felt old but still very much enjoyed myself. fun. is awesome in concert – I actually prefer them live than any other way. And there was this moment, when they were singing “We Are Young” and we could see the in-sync movement of the crowd down on the main floor that I thought back to one of my first concert experiences (Nirvana) and how I felt in that moment when Kurt Cobain was singing “Come As You Are” and I thought, for them, this is their Nirvana moment and they don’t even realize it at that time. They were/are all young and singing along with perhaps one of their favorite bands and there will not be another moment exactly like that one, it is near perfection.
  • Posted what I am thankful for every day on FB – I have intentions of collecting them all and posting them here at the end of the month – so I can collect all that good thankfulness up in one place.
  • Had a 60-minute massage thanks to a Living Social deal – can now cross that one of my list – it was all in the name of the Life List that I had to take that one for the team.
  • Spent the weekend away with some of my favorite college friends, who are actually some of my favorite people. We stayed up too late, woke up too early (curse you, motherhood). Listened to happy music (yes, I made a mixed CD for the occasion), sewed, painted each others’ nails, ate all the good things and drank other good things, played games and talked, talked, talked. There is not a sentence or blog post that could do justice to the friendships I have with those lovely ladies, we all have those friends who just KNOW us and love us anyway.
  • Got my hairs cut, but not completely off yet – a few more months until I can make my donation to Locks of Love – the boys (Simon and George included) also all got their hairs cut, too. So handsome, the lot of them.
  • Caught vomit in my hand. On Thanksgiving Day (thankfully post-meal) at my brother’s house. It was as awesome as you’d imagine. The stomach flu then made its rounds through the family and took each of us out with no discrimination. Lovely, that. On the slightly positive side – I did sleep on and off for 20 hours straight.

And there you have it – my last two weeks in a nutshell. [The stupid humor part of me is dying to waste time creating an image of nutshell with the words “my last two weeks” inside of it so I can say, “No, this is my last two weeks in a nutshell.” If you get that reference, just pretend I did that and we can laugh together at our collective pop culture-addled senses of humor.]


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