Music [not] Monday: Top Plays of 2012

If only for my future grown children to shake their heads at me and my music taste, here’s another year-in-review installment for Music Monday. I’m sure Liam and Jack will be so glad to know their mom downloaded One Direction and Taylor Swift at THEIR request (we’ll not talk about how I enjoy the music as well).

I have added over 600 songs in 2012 to my iTunes library. Let us pause for a moment and consider that number. That is 1.5 days worth of music – which makes it seems like not that much, until you think that is over 2000 minutes of music. I have a music problem and I’m okay with it. In my defense, because there is always a defense for “extreme” behavior, there were many, many free albums and songs in that mix – at least 150 songs were gained for free and another 200 were super cheap. Plus I finally started using my iTunes gift cards – no sense in saving them forever when there is good (good is a relative term, I realize) music to be gained. Anywho… out of that list, I was curious as to which of the songs I played the most on iTunes (which means only when I was at work and does not take into account the songs I burned to CDs and listened to in the car or on my phone via the handy Amazon Cloud). Below is a list of those that got 10+ plays (in bold are the top 5):

  1. Light Up the Sky | The Afters [This song and the one below it were on the iPad that we borrowed to take to Australia and I listened to them a ton there and clearly once I got back – just hearing them takes me right back to sitting on the couch in Simon’s mom’s house, listening to them with headphones on after everyone else had gone to bed]
  2. Jesus Saves | Tim Hughes
  3. Be Still | The Fray
  4. Don’t Gotta Work It Out | Fitz & the Tantrums
  5. Let My Love Open the Door | Pete Townshend
  6. Yesterday | Tony Lucca and Adam Levine
  7. Gonna Get Over You | Sara Bareilles
  8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together | Taylor Swift [’tis true]
  9. Never Gonna Leave This Bed | Maroon 5
  10. A Thousand Years | Christina Perry
  11. Gaucho | Dave Matthews Band [my first glimpse at DMB’s new album]
  12. Ships in the Night | Mat Kearney [This song is a nice wake up call for anyone going through a rough spot in their marriage – pointing out how easily our lack of communication can throw things out of whack.]
  13. Not Over You | Gavin DeGraw
  14. Better Days | Amos Lee [perfect song for moping around and feeling sorry for yourself and then wanting to be uplifted]
  15. Midnight City | M83
  16. Trouble | Tony Lucca
  17. We Are Young | fun.
  18. We Found Love | Rihanna
  19. Stronger | Kelly Clarkson [I cannot hear or see her name and not think of the scene from “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”]
  20. What Makes You Beautiful | One Direction [’tis also true]
  21. Some Nights | fun.
  22. Half Moon | Blind Pilot
  23. Forever & Almost Always | Kate Voegele
  24. Tongue Tied | Grouplove
  25. Kiss Me | Ed Sheeran [The most plays of the year at 28, make that 29… and I just downloaded it two weeks ago.]

This list is a pretty perfect reflection of my music tastes… even with a couple out of the box selections, we all have our quirks.

What songs did you listen to most this year?


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