I’ve pinned a whole lot of hopes on 2013 being the year when things change… when we sell our house, Simon finally moves to first shift, when we find our “forever” home, when we take another road trip to Texas (and don’t use all our vacation time the first month of the year), when my hair will be long enough to cut for Locks of Love, when Jack will outgrow wetting the bed, when Liam will mature and be able to focus in school… Things big and small, important and not important, etc…

And I have no reason to think that these things aren’t going to happen, or go as planned, but I do know better than to be 100% positive that everything is going to be smooth sailing. The waters could remain calm, they could get a little wavy or we could be blindsided by a hurricane, I have no idea (I’m also not a fatalist who believes the worst will happen, but I am a realist). But God does know what’s going to happen because He’s got it all planned out. In all my planning and hoping, I need the reminder that while things might not happen according to plan (if at all), whatever does happen comes as no surprise to God and He will prepare me for whatever happens.

Maybe you need this reminder too because you are in the midst of the storm that has knocked you off course or you are riding too high on the mistaken confidence that YOU are doing it all right!

Guard your hearts, friends, and remember, you have your plans and God has His; sometimes they align, but sometimes they are seemingly at odds and it is for the best because we can’t see the forest for the trees but God sees the entire universe in great detail and He’s got this; He’s got you.


3 responses to “Reminder

  1. That right there is my FAVORITE verse. It gets me through so much uncertainty.

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