And more search terms to amuse yourselves with

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I do find it endlessly entertaining (if not a little worrisome in some instances)  to see what search terms brought people to my site…

  • #1 search term of the last quarter: kippers (the canned fish I used to love), I’m apparently not the only person who wants to know more about this delightful snack… or was perhaps subjected to them by their older parents or grandparents. I still haven’t gotten up the gumption to try them again.
  • Sadly, my runner up search term is gratitude, by half as much. So twice as many people found my site by searching for canned sardines as thankfulness, what does this say about our world?
  • I’m also happy to note there are many variations on symbrachydachtyly and I’m glad people are seeking out more information about limb differences and I hope that other parents are finding the site helpful to them as they navigate the world having a child with a limb difference. I think together we can make a difference, not just for our own kids but for kids with all variations of differences.
  • I’m less thrilled to tell you that there are multiple variations including something about toes, or (my favorite) college toes (is that a thing?), including the eerily specific “michelle ememby feet,” the sad “hate hate toes” and the disturbed “freakishly huge big toe” (sorry, my big toe is average, but my other toes are freakishly long).
  • preteen monster | Four people searched for this specific phrase which makes me worried for a few years from now when my kids are preteens, clearly this is not something to look forward to.
  • god’s plan for you | I gotta tell you, the Internet is not going to reveal God’s plan for your life… but you might want to check in with Him or the Bible.
  • young girl in velcro rollers | Sorry, I’m an approaching middle aged mom sometimes puts velcro rollers in her hair, not likely what you were looking for.
  • balls removed surgery | file that one under: not great
  • thanksgiving fingernail designs | for the person with (literally) too much time on their hands
  • what state has a license plate that is green on top and blue on the bottom | not sure how this long, specific search term led you to my site. But I had to google the term myself and found there is a plethora of sites dedicated to license plates. This is a wee bit sad.
  • ways to cut toddler hair to avoid mullet | this one made me laugh out loud, but it’s true, mullets must be avoided at all costs, especially on toddlers
  • why is it that when I eat chicken tikka masala I can’t sleep at night it’s insomnia | The “it’s insomnia” just kills me; asked an answered.
  • bookmark little preteens | Um, what? Would you like a bookmark with little preteens on it? Are you looking for preteens so small they would fit on a bookmark? I just don’t know.
  • chili bowl hairstyle | As opposed to soup or salad bowl hairstyles?
  • slow people drive me crazy | Me too, though I have never felt the need to google it to find others like me.
  • pray god with say | Again, I’m confused.
  • finger ingrown | I’d imagine having an entirely ingrown FINGER would hurt. And also be impossible.
  • made up designs of battle bridge hexbug | another winner in the category of dedicated parent; they are like me, who has been known to reference YouTube to find out how to get passed a level in a Wii game. Thank goodness for geeky children (and grown ups) who video themselves going through various levels (with and without amusing commentary) of Lego Wii games.
  • what did one direction do in January 2012 | I have no idea and I’m okay with that. But I will venture a guess that they made some sacrifice to Simon Cowell so they could cash in on all manner of fame and also sing in the Olympics opening ceremony.

8 responses to “And more search terms to amuse yourselves with

  1. these list always make me laugh 🙂

    p.s: while i’m here tomorrow I am featuring on my blog your post we talked about.

  2. Absolutely hilarious! I had a great belly laugh – thank you!

  3. I must be much more cynical and jaded than you. Your first thought about “bookmark little preteens” was that teeny tiny preteens sitting on a book mark. My first thought was to forward the sick bastards ip to the relevant government authority

    • I actually thought the worst, but it’s funnier to imagine tiny preteens, besides, the sickos found a blog that includes references to God, so really… joke’s on them.

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