Eight is Great

Happy anniversary, Simon, in lieu of a gift, I got you a blog post (oh, and we bought a house, so I think we’re good – that’s the traditional gift for the eighth anniversary, right?).

In the interest of full disclosure, I think we can honestly say that the 7th year wasn’t the favorite of our married years. As naturally happens, it came with a lot of growing pains and stress fractures, but I think we are better for it because you know what happens when a bone breaks? It knits itself back together stronger than ever and that’s what we are… back on track after navigating some bumpy roads. Like Ben Affleck said in an acceptance speech, marriage is work but it is the best kind of work (yes, I just quoted Ben Affleck in my anniversary gift to you… free to mention Kate Beckinsale to me later, I won’t even roll my eyes). But even in a season of stress, some of my happiest times were with you which is everything.


You are my best match, my strongest supporter and my biggest champion. I know you often think better of me than I do of myself, which makes me a lucky girl. We could always be more for each other, but that can always be said and as it is, we are more than enough… we’re still learning and growing and improving.

You frustrate me like no other person but I love you more than anyone else so that more than makes up for it. I pray for you daily and I know the coming months of change will be a challenge for you who likes order above all things. You can do it… but remind me to show you a little grace (again, I won’t even roll my eyes at you).

Thanks for gamely putting up with my propensity for taking self-portraits and going along with last-minute changes when every fiber of your being fights against change. I know I don’t always make things easy but together we make things better. I love our life and our boys; I love you.
IMAG0120 IMAG0450 IMAG0267


7 responses to “Eight is Great

  1. Only one thing can be said —-AWWWWW 🙂 congrats

  2. Oh my. I love this. Beautifully stated. And I love you two. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Aw, Happy Anniversary!!

  4. Well written! Happy Anniversary, you two!

  5. awwww…. sweetest ever.

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