Friday Randoms


Happy Friday to you – aren’t the Fridays of 4-day weeks the best? Because everyone knows that it feels like a Thursday but really, it’s a Friday. And for me, because Jack is in daycare today, it feels like a Monday or a Wednesday (his normal daycare days) – imagine how happy I will be for tomorrow when it is *SURPRISE* Saturday! Plus my husband gets to come home around 7 tonight, which is just the best! It also means we will likely be asleep by 9… because we are old and pathetic (and also tired – a storm woke us up last night at 3:30).

Here’s a list of utter randomness:

  • Every weekday, multiple times a day, I drive by a house with a sign in the yard advertising “Holy Family Radio” and almost every time this makes me laugh because I picture Mary and Joseph as radio hosts on an AM station… typically along the lines of an SNL skit like the one with Alec Baldwin (YouTube it)
  • I totally missed this weekend coming up in my planning for the month of June… for some reason I didn’t count it so I thought we only had one free weekend to pack before we move, but really we have two – bonus!
  • Is it possible to be addicted to greek yogurt with honey? If so, I totally am. Sometimes I have it twice a day, which could be contributing to my intestinal issues of the gaseous variety (you know it’s bad when your 4-year-old comments on it). [Yes, I did just refer to flatulence on my blog, I’m sorry, Mom.]
  • I started working on my 40 before 40 list… I’d love your input if you’d like to share ideas of things you think I should put on my list.
  • Liam likes to tell me what he wants to be when he grows up, this changes on a weekly basis and this week’s random job is to be a storyteller, going around the country telling people stories about Jesus.
  • There is a server at a local restaurant and my friend Stef and I are convinced she hates us because we had her once and she wasn’t the nicest and we saw her again and she practically glared at us. We are nice people, she was just b!tchy.
  • We have an in-need-of-refinishing clawfoot tub in our garage which was meant to go in our master bathroom when we remodeled but we never got around to doing that. Do you think the new owner will notice if we leave it in the garage? When I bought the house, the old owner left a few pieces of furniture and I didn’t mind. I mean, who doesn’t want a random cast iron clawfoot tub?
  • Here’s a list of things I need to buy for the new house (at some point in time, perhaps not all at once):
    • a couch for the living room (for grown ups, our current couch is going in the family room for kids)
    • an oversized chair (per Simon’s request)
    • a kitchen table (our current one is too small and seen better days, but will be perfect in the laundry room as a folding station)
    • a dining room table (preferably before Thanksgiving when I will be hosting the family)
    • an entertainment console for the living room
    • Multiple area rugs
    • Something for the entryway… a bench, a chair, something
    • Deck furniture (def not right away, but maybe next summer)
  • Where would you go shopping for the above things?
  • Poor Jack got bit by another mosquito and has a swelled up ankle again but not nearly as bad as last time.
  • Liam has four more days of school next week and then summer break, I actually can’t wait because all the running around will be done and I won’t have to be in the school pick up line ever again (unless I want to be, which I don’t, ever).
  • I’m still sad to be leaving his current school but I know his new school is going to be just as awesome (I sure hope).
  • Still loving my new hair… and it still fits in a ponytail which is doubly awesome!
  • Will Smith can still be awesome:
  • If you haven’t seen it already, please take 15 minutes and watch this documentary made by Rainn Wilson’s production company, Soul Pancake, about a teenage boy who died last week from a rare type of bone cancer – he’s a pretty awesome person who leaves behind a sweet legacy (and some great music):
  • Here’s some new music I’ve been loving:

Clouds | Zach Sobiech

Brave | Sara Bareilles

Running for Cover | Ivan & Alyosha

Honey, Let Me Sing You a Song | Matt Hires

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) | Fall Out Boy

Enjoy your weekend!!


4 responses to “Friday Randoms

  1. First, is it bad that my boys don’t talk (like, at all) about what they want to be when they grow up??!?!?! I’m feeling a little fail-y about that.
    I have a few ideas for furniture shopping that won’t likely break the bank. Will discuss later.
    40 in 40 list: new tattoo? fitness goal(I’d have to join you with that- to keep me motivated too!)?
    I love your new hair too. Can’t wait to see it in person!

  2. 40 before 40 list – Vacation with 1st Rooks girls (to celebrate our approaching 40th b-days)
    Area rugs – I’d go to IKEA for those
    Clawfoot tub – Maybe you could ask them if they want you to leave it behind? Drew and I were totally annoyed by all of the things the previous owners left behind when we moved into our house.

  3. That Fallout Boy song is on my running play list. LOVE.

  4. I disagree. Do not watch that Zach movie unless you like crying hysterically. I think the cliffs notes would be equally inspirational and much less heart wrenching. 🙂

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