Thursday Randoms


Like every other person in the world, we’ve been busy. That’s what happens at the end of the school year, when you work full time and also are packing up your house to move the first week in July. Throw in a round of IBS flare up and/or the stomach flu, camping one weekend and a family reunion and even the most prepared person might not find time to blog. But my fans are clamoring (read: my dad) for an update.

Here’s a recap of what I’ve been up to since last we met:

  • Watching The Voice… it’s pretty much the only new television I’ve been keeping up with this summer, though I also enjoy Rookie Blue when my husband doesn’t delete it from the DVR before I can watch it… we’ve also been cleaning off all the saved items on our DVR since we will be sending it back when we move. We watched 50/50 two weekends ago – pretty good movie. Genuinely funny, though still with Seth Rogan so at times inappropriate. We also rented Pitch Perfect last weekend and I really enjoyed it despite the two unnecessary puking scenes, but I love a musical (aside from Les Mis, which was not my favorite despite how much everyone loves it). We also went to see “Fast & Furious 6” for date night recently – it was even my pick because along with musicals and movies with dancing in them, I also love a mindless movie with fast cars (and Paul Walker).
  • We found a restaurant in town that actually makes its own tamales and tortillas – delicious. It is tiny and more suited for take out, but it is worth checking out. La Huasteca on Plainfield.
  • We closed on our new house – I don’t think I actually mentioned that here… we also ended up buying all the furniture from the list in my last post that weekend (thanks to an awesome warehouse sale at a local furniture store) so in the span of a few days we spent a whole lot of money with virtually nothing to show for it at this point since we don’t get possession of the house until the 30th and our furniture isn’t delivered until the first week in July. Here’s hoping it actually comes then or else the living room, kitchen and dining room are going to be quite empty. [Also, we are leaving the clawfoot tub, at our buyers request so I don’t have to fret about that.]
  • We’ve had some fun play dates with sweet friends – I feel so blessed by the people in our lives – my friends and my children’s friends.
  • Liam wrapped up first grade – which officially means we have a second grader (yipes) – and got a little verklempt on the last day of school when we pulled out of the parking lot. (I admit that it choked me up a little but then I remembered that it was the last time I’d be doing daily school drop off and pick up and I was happy once again – the bus stop for Liam’s new school is literally at the end of our driveway).
  • I signed up for the summer round of Biggest Blogging Loser – last time I came in third (though we were on vacation and my last email weigh-in never got sent so that’s according to my calculations and nothing official) and there is no glory (or money) for third place so I’m doing it again! Wish me luck!
  • The boys had their 6-month check at the dentist and BOTH of them had cavities. Sigh. We are admittedly a little lax lately in the toothbrushing department and apparently it DOES make a difference (yes – I really do know this, but sometimes things fall through the cracks). So we go back in another couple weeks for fillings. The dentist recommended that we get nitrous for Jack since during the cleaning and check up it was all she could do to get him to stay in the chair. I booked them for a morning appointment, thinking it would be a perfect thing for Simon to take them to but then realized I wasn’t about to miss the hilarity that was sure to ensue with Jack in nitrous oxide so I think we’ll make it a family affair. Winsies for everyone.
  • I had a perfect check up. Go me. At least one of us is good with their dental hygiene (Simon also had a cavity at his last check up).
  • The boys start swim lessons next week… like the intense, teach them to swim in four days kind of swim lessons. I cannot wait!
  • I received the following mis-directed texts this week which cracked me up:
    • Text #1: That ugly [derogatory term we don’t use here, but made it clear they weren’t referring to my Australian husband] you with doesn’t deserve you. He be cheating with some b!tch. I tell you cause you some sweet girl and deserve a [same lovely term] that will treat you good.
    • Text #2: He was pulling out of a hotel with some girl last Tuesday.
  • Firstly, what a lovely sentiment and text to receive from a “friend.” Second, the sender waited an entire week to send this tidbit of information, clearly they weren’t overly concerned. Hope it all works out because I never responded to tell them that they sent the texts to the wrong number.
  • I cooked nearly 4 pounds of bacon last night and you would have thought George would have been at my side, begging for every little morsel I might throw him, but there was also a thunder storm going on so my sad little dog was cowering upstairs, too afraid to venture down the stairs even for some bacon.
  • Speaking of bacon, it is delicious.
  • Liam had a play date with my coworker’s son last week to reacquaint them since they will be at daycare together one day a week this summer and she texted me about how talkative he is… and it is 100% true, the kid can (and will) talk to anyone, about anything, for as long as you will listen.
  • And then there is Jack who just never stops moving and does everything with the greatest intensity he can muster (which is great).
  • Re. above two bullets: my children are exhausting.
  • I’ve also been playing a wee bit of Candy Crush Saga and Words with Friends (read: every evening, until my eyelids can no longer stay open). I have a problem and I’m okay with that.
  • We are going camping this week (like for real, in a tent and not in someone’s backyard) (i.e., reason for the bacon cooking above). In theory, we are all looking forward to this weekend. The boys have no idea what to expect and I know they will love it. I grew up camping (be it in a pop-up camper) and also love it, but I never had to do all the prep work for those trips and lo, it is a lot of work. But the memories, it will be worth it!
  • I feel like there were many other funny stories to share about the boys… but this is what happens when I take two weeks to blog, I forget things. Sorry, dad.
  • My Nespresso maker came and I am dying to use it, but I am saving it for the new house. It is adorable though and it’s going to make yummy coffee…
  • Making this today, per Heidi’s recommendation: Blueberry Boy Bait. Also made these Party Pretzels and Get Thee Behind Me Satan Snack mix (recipe below) for camping

“Get Thee Behind Me, Satan” Sweet Snack Mix
3/4 cup butter
3/4 cup lite corn syrup
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
melt all in sauce pan, boil 2 minutes
In large bowl mix together 18oz box of crispix cereal (can also use corn or rice chex), 3+ cups mini pretzels (optional, replace 1 cup pretzels with peanuts). Pour syrup over all and mix well. Put into large greased roasting pan (or two 9×13 pans). Bake @ 250 for about 1 hour, stirring every 15 min. Dump out on wax paper or foil to cool (slightly) then add M&M’s (optional). Eat until you can’t stand yourself!! Store in airtight container.


4 responses to “Thursday Randoms

  1. You got a Nespresso maker?? I’ve been wanting one! Actually I don’t really know much about it, but Penelope Cruz makes it look so glamorous and delicious I feel like I should probably have one. I have a feeling Joel might not agree though. (Well, I’m sure he agrees about Penelope Cruz but probably not about spending a lot of money on a new coffee maker.).

    • It was the trade off since Simon got a new TV (which I will watch), so I got a new specialty coffee maker (which he will also enjoy). Since giving up DC, I guess I get to splurge on coffee, plus we won’t be stopping for coffee on our way to church any longer so having our own espresso maker will be handy (and a cost-savings in the long run – or something). Can’t wait to make you one! And yes, Penelope Cruz is a darn good sales lady, but I did actually get to use my SIL’s when we were in Texas. 🙂

  2. I want to ask why you didn’t like Les Mis, but…I’m not sure I can handle the answer. We still can’t stop singing.

    You have also made me WANT my kids to get cavities so I can see them on nitrous. Hee.

    • Honestly, it surprised me, too. I think I need to rewatch it, I just don’t think I was in the right frame of mind. Because usually, I LOVE a musical. The story I loved and thought it was gorgeous. I realize it is near sacrilegious to admit to not enjoying it 100%.

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