Anxiety and peace

ememby_philippians4_6-7I forget to pray. More accurately, I forget to pray in every situation. I can easily pray for help and healing when I’m having a difficult time or when someone gets sick and I can give praise for new life or gifts received. The highs and lows in life easily lend themselves to prayer (for me). But life is made up of a lot of the in-between times – the every day life (which we will never call boring) or other days when I’m feeling kind of out of sorts, or sad but unable to voice my feelings, or having general anxiety about things in life… on those days, I forget to pray, or maybe I just don’t pray because I feel like I can’t adequately convey whatever it is that is weighing on me. But I don’t need the words; God does know my heart and He gets what’s going on in there and in my head. Words are not necessary but His peace is and as it washes over me, filling in the cracks and gaps… my spirit will find rest, my heart will find comfort and my mind will find quiet. God doesn’t want us to come to Him just for the big things, but all the little things (and the medium things) – He cares about all of it and offers us His peace through all of it.

Thank you, God, for this life you’ve given me and for the blessings you’ve bestowed. Give me your peace. Know my heart and mind, relieve them of their burdens. Amen.


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  1. Well said!

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