Fer dumb

I hit myself in the eyebrow with the car door this morning. Wait, that sounds stupid. Let me try again. I opened the car door into my face this morning. Nope, still not a winner. I am a grown up who apparently can’t judge adequately when it comes to how much space she needs to NOT harm herself with a large piece of metal. [I did this before over a year ago on the opposite eyebrow and sported a bruise for two weeks and the point of impact still hurts if I press on it hard enough (so I do try to avoid pressing on it but I did it just now to test it the truthiness of my last statement).]

This recent incident happened two hours ago and it still hurts, has swelled a bit and grown a lovely red mark. I tried to take a picture to show you but a close up of my eyebrow revealed that I am way past due for some eyebrow waxing (it also revealed a wiry, gray hair). [On a related note, I met an aesthetician at the wedding this past weekend and someone asked her if she ever judged people who come in to get waxed and she said, “Everything is just another body part to me, that is no different than an elbow…” Which is both comforting and amusing when you think about it. And then we determined that a new code for a bikini wax, was getting your elbow checked out.]

We are supposed to be getting a cold front coming in sometime this weekend, which is sweet since it was already in the 80s when I drove to work. I HATE hot weather, it makes me grumpy and sweaty – two things I do not like to be.

My hope for you this weekend is that the weather will be how you want it to be (unless you live in GR and like it to be hot, then I hope you are disappointed) and that you won’t damage yourself with large metal objects you are in control of. Amen.


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