Wednesday Randoms


  • We have not been to the beach yet this summer… I’m hoping to remedy that this coming weekend, or at least in the month of August… then we’re going to make up for it by going ALL THE TIME
  • Simon has made our bed every day since we moved. I have not made my bed since I moved out of my parents’ house (which is only a slight exaggeration – bed-making is just not on my list of priorities, like ever)
  • We have yet to turn on the invisible fence for George and he has not yet tried to run away – though we do believe he has peed in the basement a couple times (I’m actually hoping it was George and not a relapse by the phantom pee-er)
  • I hosted my first get together at the new house last week… which was happy and sad because the get together was to bid farewell (or see you later) to my dear friend, Stef, who has now moved to Ohio. (I don’t want to talk about it. I am in denial and plan on staying there for a while.)
  • I also made sticky toffee pudding which I have always loved but never made because every recipe I found called for dates and I could not believe that something I loved so much actually included dates. I was wrong. It was delicious and something I will make again and if you come over to eat it, forget I told you there were/are dates in it because you will truly not notice – just ask my very picky husband who has eaten it multiple times (warmed up with vanilla ice cream).
  • Speaking of delicious, Sandy made a latte cheesecake for the party and oh my heck… freaking delicious. Like, inconspicuously try and lick the plate, delicious. And practically a health food since it was lower fat and made with Greek yogurt.
  • Summer has sort of killed my social life – people are always out of town on vacations or hosting visitors – they need to get back into the routine of school so I can have people to hang out with again. Come on people.
  • Our new satellite TV account allows us all the premium movie channels for three months so I’ve been getting caught up with/hooked on a bunch of new-to-me shows: Dexter, True Blood, The Veep and Newsroom. Newsroom is from Aaron Sorkin and it is fabulous – by far my favorite of these series options. It is brilliantly written, superbly acted and does for the news what The West Wing did for politics… if you can, you should watch it.
  • We are making new habits at the new house, for example… our mailbox is at the bottom of our driveway instead of up by our house so each afternoon, the boys run down and collect the mail; our yard also plays regular host to tiny little frogs that I feel like should not be in our yard if they are going to have a good shot at survival so when we find them, we “rescue” them and carry them across the street to the pond; and on Friday afternoons/evenings we go down to the river and the boys have a swim (if you ignore the highway overpass that goes right by us, it’s rather idyllic and honestly, the highway is just a constant noise – not like the stop and go/honking of regular street traffic – so it’s easy to ignore).
  • We’ve also gained some less favorable habits of NEVER letting mom sleep in and often trying to climb into bed with mom and dad in the middle of the night and standing on the coffee table (we had kept our coffee table in the basement of the old house since Liam was a baby). Not a fan.

3 responses to “Wednesday Randoms

  1. I’d gladly add to your social life – 8/24 truly seems so far away. Perhaps the girls and I could join you for one of your Friday afternoon/evening swims at the river? 🙂

  2. Sure – That would be lovely! I’ll email you, and we can discuss the details 🙂 Yay!

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