Solid ground


It’s about to be fall… at least here in the States. Friday Night Football. Saturday Soccer (and rugby in this house). Weekday school and weeknight homework. People back in the office after vacations (try as we may, no matter how old we are, there is a tendency to follow a school calendar when it comes to levels of busy-ness).

Our summer was dissected by our move – everything until July 1 (Happy Birthday to me!) was getting ready to leave our home of ten years in someone else’s hands and everything after  that was turning this new house into our home. There wasn’t much time for “down” time but we still found it in the midst of all the ever-loving boxes (anyone want to come and finish unpacking for me – the wall is still hit).

I welcome the start of the season because it brings cooler temperatures and an abundance of new things (plus apples, pumpkins and an excuse for Saturday morning donuts – nothing goes better with fresh apple cider). The biggest deal is, of course, back to school – a new teacher, new classmates and (for this year) a new school. It’s exciting. It’s slightly anxiety-inducing. And it is busy. Oh so busy. But I say that about every season. Start of the new year? Busy. Spring with spring break and end of school. Busy. Summer vacation: still working, but fitting in vacations, out-of-town visitors and a multitude of fun plans. Busy. Fall (see above: busy). The holiday season* from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve? BUSY. In summary: Life is busy. It is ever-changing but always busy. Busy is always around, it just changes outfits.

My point – because I do have one: something (or someone?) is always always around. If you need some solid ground upon which to gather your wits or a respite in any size storm (even a drizzle) – look to God, cast your cares on Him. God is God; He is a rock – your rock and my rock. He is never too busy. He never changes. Forever and ever. He’ll get us through.

*Note: Costco had their Christmas stuff out last week. In mid-AUGUST. That seems a wee bit premature.


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