Monday Musings


  • Two weeks from tomorrow Liam starts second grade. I am equal parts excited for him to start at the new school, more than ready for the enforced structure of a school schedule and incredulous that summer is almost over.
  • After 90+ degree days in July, August took a turn toward the fall temps and I have been in heaven. Sleeping with the windows open and hanging out on our deck in the evenings without breaking into a sweat. Love.
  • My brother and his family were up visiting from Texas the last two weeks (on and off at our house, then my niece’s summer place with the whole family, then back to our house) – it was the thing we’d been looking forward to all summer and also allowed us four days at the beach. I’m sad it’s over now… I’ve got nothing big on the horizon planned for the fall (though I know we’ll still be busy because that’s life  – cue Frank Sinatra).
  • I made the mistake of drinking a Crystal Light with caffeine in it early yesterday afternoon which meant I could not fall asleep last night (because I am old). I made the most of that bit of unfortunate-ness by finishing a book I was reading (the second in the Divergent series – they are making the first one into a movie which I am almost positive I will enjoy more than Twilight and perhaps as much as the Hunger Games – if you like young adult fiction about dystopian societies, then I highly recommend the books), and handily I was still awake when the alarm in the boys’ room went off at midnight (Liam came in to woefully tell us he had “accidentally set it for midnight” and then I couldn’t find Jack because I had missed walking by him in our room in my rush to turn the stupid alarm off) but sadly I had just fallen asleep when Jack decided 2:00 a.m. was a good time to be awake (“I just can’t sleep mom, let’s cuddle”). I finally returned him to his own bed around 3:30, could not get comfortable for ages, kept envisioning someone breaking into our house and finally nodded off in the wee hours of the morning only to be woken up by Liam throwing open our bedroom door and telling me it was time to get up. Jack curiously wondered why I was still sleeping… um… All-in-all, not my favorite night of sleep – I miss the days of having infants when I could just nod off at any minute and would have no trouble falling back asleep after multiple wakings in the middle of the night… I mean, I was sleep deprived, but at least when given the opportunity, I could actually go to sleep.
  • There are no less than three baskets of folded laundry in our house at any given time. The minute I think I get all of the laundry done, I find new things that need to be washed – there has to be a name for this phenomenon, which is also related to finding ANOTHER dirty dish just after you have started the dishwasher. [Really, I think this phenomenon is called “life.”]
  • I had to put a baby jumper together last week for work so I could write the instruction booklet for how to put it together. Nothing looks less like you are doing actual work than putting together a child’s toy in your office. I momentarily felt a little sad I didn’t have a child to put in said bouncer/activity thing, and then I realized that having a baby would mean I’d be starting this whole whirlwind again and with Jack turning five in February, I feel like we’re finally getting out of it… like, perhaps things just get more manageable from here – or, at least a different kind of crazy that perhaps I can deal with… at some point the children start listening without my yelling my directives at them, right?
  • In a bit of small-worlded-ness, my friend, Stef, who moved back to the Cleveland area, lives just across the street and down from, Carla, a friend I went to high school with… what are the odds?
  • I have high aspirations for myself this coming school year… that I will have it all together and pay attention to the school calendar and always send Liam with the things he needs on the days he needs them. I also completed back-to-school shopping on Amazon… my favorite place to shop for all of the things…
  • One of my coworkers is in France for the month of August and another is in Switzerland for an anniversary trip… nothing makes one feel less exotic than looking at the places other people are… Simon reminds me that I have been to Australia and Kazakhstan (true enough, but I am not currently in either of those places and Grand Rapids, while cool, is not at all European, an area I have never traveled to).
  • How long do you think people will give me grace for having unpacked boxes around the house? I have lost the momentum and incentive for getting things unpacked. At this point, I would like to hire an organizer to finish what needs to be done, but I am not going to do that so instead… someone offer me a coffee or a night off from the kids and in exchange, I will keep unpacking. (maybe)
  • I LOVE fall and cannot wait to see our backyard as the leaves start turning. We are surrounded by trees on three sides and it is going to be lovely.

6 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. you are in good company. i, too, have the same laundry basket disorder, i can’t wait for both of my kids to be in school full time (i have to survive one more year with wilson home), and i can’t drink caffeine after 3 p.m. add to that, i may or may not have swigged the rest of a bottle of wine straight from the bottle last night. desperate times call for desperate measures…

    • Conversely… this morning, I drank iced coffee right from the container with the fridge door standing open. (and I have also drank right from the wine bottle)

  2. I would love to remedy your plan-less Fall! Would love to do another girls weekend in Pentwater. I plan on bringing it up at our GNO on Saturday 🙂

  3. Sometimes after a long day of working on nothing but laundry, I wonder why we don’t live in a nudest colony. And then I look down… 🙂 Happy to be clothed (and doing never ending laundry.)

  4. Hey, if you can sit around with boxes, then everyone else can just leave you alone!!! I enjoy your ramblings, they make me smile. You should link them in on Fridays. Make more folks smile 😉

    Where is the fairy that is supposed to put away laundry?? She never visits our house either 😦

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