Wednesday Musings: Media Edition


  • Our three months of getting all of the channels with our television provider is just about up and I’m a little bit sad about that… but it was perfect timing as it gave us new shows to watch when the mainstream stations were mostly on summer hiatus.
  • New show I am in love with: Newsroom. It from Aaron Sorkin so it has the fast-paced, witty banter like The West Wing but a whole new cast of actors/characters for me to love. [I still miss The West Wing].
    • Jane Fonda ironically plays a media tycoon, a female version of Ted Turner, if you will… she also plays someone who is high fairly well, which makes me believe she is perhaps well-practiced.
    • Olivia Munn just might be one of my favorite actors – yes, she is gorgeous, but is also smart and great at line delivery.
    • I do not see the appeal of either of Meryl Streep’s daughters: Grace and Mamie Gummer (Grace is in Newsroom, I could do without her).
  • I’ve re-found my love of Homeland and since the new season launches at the end of the month, they are finally replaying the last season so I’ve gotten to binge on that. Do you watch it, have you watched it? You totally should. Then we can talk about how much we hate Brody’s wife, feel sorry for Carrie and wish we could hear Damian Lewis’ British accent in real life.
  • Even though I’ve never watched it before, I’m very much enjoying the final season of Dexter… perfect timing since the series finale is up next week.
  • And then there is Rookie Blue, a network show that has new episodes airing throughout the summer… much like the characters on ER before them, this team of cops has the worst set of luck when it comes to horrible things happening to them. Members of their squad are regularly kidnapped and shot at and they switch up romantic love interests like crazy, but still, it’s my guilty pleasure (and Simon’s). Oooh, we also love Suits and I am hooked on Covert Affairs (despite the unbelievability of Piper Perabo as a CIA agent).
  • For the fall I’m looking forward to the return of Castle, Chicago Fire, Scandal, The Good Wife, The Vampire Diaries (my always guilty pleasure), Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, Parenthood and The Voice.
  • Sadly there is nothing new that excites me at all.
  • I’m a little bit (read: a whole lot) excited about the following upcoming movies: Rush, the next Hunger Games movie, Divergent and Fault in Our Stars. I’m sure there are others, but those are the top of my list.
  • Music I’m enjoying lately: To Build a Home (Cinematic Orchestra); Roar (Katy Perry – yes, it’s true); Safe and Sound (Capital Cities); All I Want (Kodaline); Bloodstream (Stateless) How it Ends (DeVotchKa), Let it Be Me (Ray LaMontagne) and Down (Jason Walker).
  • Music I am not enjoying: Anything and everything by Miley Cyrus. She is trash, plain and simple. Misguided and pathetic trash. She is in need of an intervention, a reality check and good timeout. Role model for anyone, she is not.
  • I’ve also fallen back in love with Coldplay… Simon DVR-ed a show of their concerts and every song made me happy. More than happy… their now on my list of groups to see live. Adele, Coldplay and Mumford & Sons. No big deal.
  • And now I will admit to watching Step Up: Revolution… I just love, or rather, enjoy, dance movies. I can’t help it. Simon just rolls his eyes and sighs but then he has loved martial arts movies so he can’t judge me any more than I can judge him (except, I totally judge him).
  • Books on my to-read list: Ocean at the End of the Lane (Neil Gaiman); Where’d You Go, Bernadette (Maria Semple); Allegiant (Veronica Roth – the third in the Divergent series; if you read Hunger Games, read these); Cuckoo’s Calling (J.K. Rolling); Beautiful Ruins (Jess Walter); And Life Comes Back (Tricia Lott Williford); The Husband’s Secret (Liane Moriarty) and David & Goliath (Malcolm Gladwell).

2 responses to “Wednesday Musings: Media Edition

  1. Totally agree about Newsroom and about Damian Lewis’ accent. I do, however, take issue with your dislike for Brody’s wife. I mean- her life kind of sucks. Where’s your empathy?

    • I think it’s because I really disliked the actress from seeing her in another show… for some reason I don’t have a whole lot of empathy for her, which is strange.

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