Thursday Musings


  • MOPs starts up again today! Whoot! It’s my last year (not whoot!) after seven years in this group… I’ll be sad to move on but I’m going to soak up every last minute of it this year.
  • My kids excel at the art of making up excuses to get out of bed… the other night Jack same out and indignantly complained, “Liam said, ‘Shame on me'” I didn’t know any other way to respond to that other than to tell him to go back to bed. I mean, really…
  • Jack’s also excelling at crawling into bed with us between the hours of 4 and 7 a.m., firstly to check if it is “wake up time yet?” and then to “cuddle.” He’s now added a new thing where he likes to hold my hand (or really, just a couple of my fingers), which would be super sweet if the kid ever stopped moving. I can usually fall back asleep with him in bed, but I cannot when he’s holding my hand and moving constantly. Sigh. I know this age won’t last forever, but it does seem to be taking its sweet time.
  • I’m looking forward to checking out ArtPrize this weekend – even my parents are coming over for the day on Sunday to check it out. It’s fun living in a city that has cool things without being so big that it seems daunting to check them out.
  • Recent conversation between my kids:
    Jack: Why do you like George better than me?
    Liam: Because he’s just so cute!
    Jack: I wish I was a dog.
  • Also looking forward to my first ever Apple Cider Slushy – perhaps today after Liam gets home from school.
  • I was thinking about my strange dream from Sunday night/Monday morning and realizing that many of my bad dreams involve an animal trying to get me… like the strange dream with the unusually gross snake/lizard hybrid… past dreams have included lions and gorillas. Alternately, they include something else that is strange chasing me like men with jack-o-lanterns for heads or Thriller-esque zombies. What are your bad dreams about?
  • I have also had dreams where Simon has done something to upset me and I wake up mad at him… he hates it when that happens because he didn’t actually do the thing I’m so mad at him for. Understandable, but I just can’t help it.
  • Liam takes after his father a bit much… Simon cannot ever be late for things, which is admirable, except it means he is almost always EARLY instead. Liam does this when going down to wait for the bus in the morning… the second the 5/6 bus leaves, he is out the front door, ready for his bus to come. Nevermind that it is sometimes 5-10 minutes later. Their philosophy is better to be early than late (which is true) but I find I prefer to be efficient and simply be right on time. We agree to disagree.
  • George is having surgery on Friday to remove a bladder stone and have his teeth cleaned… here’s hoping both procedures go well. He gets to spend the night on Friday night at the vet’s office… whatever will I do without the furball sitting on my shoulder while I watch TV and barking randomly at noises I can’t hear?
  • I did tell Simon that if something happens to George, I was getting the two dogs that my cousin posted who are in need of a new family. He must be confident that George will be okay because he agreed to my “proposal.”
  • My college friend, Pauline, has a 10-year-old… how does this happen because despite having a 4.5-year-old and a 7-year-old, I still feel like someone else should be signing my permission slips for me.
  • Despite not feeling old, I think my Google search history would disagree, some things I’ve recently searched for: deer repellant plants, plants for sandy soil, cholesterol results, moles on scalp and sleep apnea.
  • Does anyone else do Internet research on new people they meet, like perhaps new neighbors or other parents from their kid’s school? Yeah, me neither.
  • After nearly two weeks of feeling sick to some degree, I feel… well, still a little bit sick. Riveting disclosure, I know.
  • Jack was wearing a hood Monday morning on his way to daycare and when he took it off, his hair was standing up a bit in places and he matter-of-factly said, “I guess Miss Michelle didn’t do a very good job this time with my haircut.” I don’t know why, but his delivery and what he said just cracked me up, which of course made him furious with me.
  • Still love our new house and will continue to call it our new house for at least another 4 months, perhaps longer.



6 responses to “Thursday Musings

  1. Hey, new houses are exciting!! No doubt, enjoy it for a good year! I wake up angry with hubby too over a dream. We both hate it cause some of them are just very hard to shake! I hope George does well. Our youngest is climbing into bed with us again too 😦 He hold onto hair as he rolls around like a fish. It’s no fun, I get it 😦 The phase doesn’t seem to fly by fast, eh?

    • And then this morning the youngest was the last one up after being a pill to put to bed and a 4-night streak of coming into our room… sigh. Just can’t figure it out.

  2. Where do you get these apple cider slushies????

  3. If I have scary dreams, it’s almost always lions, tigers, or “big cats” of some kind. No idea why.

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