So many things…

ememby_Wednesday_Musings_2I feel like I compose blog posts in my head at least once a day (if not more) and yet I can’t get it together to actually post something… life is so beautifully mundane and normal, which is not to say that there aren’t things I’m thinking about… nothing of any huge importance. Just the way I like it right now.

  • We’re reading The Reason for God by Tim Keller for our small group and it’s dredging up thoughts I don’t think I’ve visited since my world religions class in college. I kind of love that proving God is twofold – part reason and part faith – why do I believe in God and Jesus? Partly because of how I was raised, partly because I believe what I’ve read in the Bible and partly from experiencing God in my life and feeling it in my being. Faith is a complex and beautiful thing, different for every person.
  • On a lighter note, I posted this on Instagram yesterday (and Facebook) but I cannot stop watching my own kid display is ninja skills (complete with handmade winter scarf tied around his middle). It makes me ache with love for him, which is handy because mostly he is a pill.
  • The last Divergent book came out yesterday… I am waiting to read it until I can just sit down and finish it. My updated Kindle app now tells me how long I have left in a chapter or book while I am reading, based on how quickly I go through the pages… it estimates I should be done in four hours. Hmmm… I love reading but hate when I finish a good thing, especially a series, because then it is done… no more to look forward to. Sad times. Also, the author of these books is a BABY… well, a 25-year-old baby. Nothing makes me feel older than someone a decade younger than me having great success.
  • I’ve been watching the battle rounds of The Voice while texting with Stef… completely makes my day/night! We like to predict who the judges will pick and so far we are spot on… my favorite performance was by Caroline Pennell doing a cover of Justin Beiber’s “As Long as You Love Me”
  • Liam has been asking since last year to do wrestling if it was offered at his new school (last year some of his friends did wrestling while he took an art class – a fact that makes me giggle). So wrestling starts this Friday after school… Simon is betting he will cry at some point and I’m quite certain he will try his moves on his little brother, but we’re still doing it. The coach emailed last night to remind us that it is a full contact sport and that we should encourage our kids to push through and that we should also have our children shower immediately following practice to keep them from catching colds and getting a contagious skin condition. Who is going to encourage me to push through now? The things we do for our kids.
  • So far in my short life, I’ve met three dermatologists and all three have had the worst personalities/bedside manner. Is it simply a humorless profession or have I just had bad luck?
  • Related to the above, I have a large mole on my scalp that has recently gotten larger and my primary care doctor thought I should have it checked out and the dermatologist opted to shave part of it off to have it tested. You know what kind of hurts (after the numbing wears off)? Having part of your scalp shaved off… even a part that is only slightly bigger than a pencil eraser. Also a bit of a pain because it is near the front of my hairline so now I have to part my hair on the opposite side to cover my wound/bald spot. And in a few weeks I’m going to have a sprout of short hair growing out of that part of my head. Lovely. [Side note: the doctor wasn’t overly concerned about it being cancer, but since I don’t have any other moles like it for comparison, she wanted to test it.]
  • I met some people in our neighborhood who pick up their daughter’s dog every day and keep it at their house all day while she is at work and then she comes and picks it up. He referred to the dog as their “granddog” which was cute and maybe kind of sweet.
  • Simon’s having knee surgery again in December… my “old” sweetie’s knees just can’t keep up with him. The upside is that surgery is December 13 and he can’t go back to work until is post-op check with the surgeon on the 23rd and then he’s off again for Christmas. Bummer that he has to have surgery, but having him home every evening for over two weeks is going to be glorious! (Sorry for your pain, my dear.)
  • So many things make me happy lately… some of my favorite people have October birthdays, time with the ladies from my small group, all things fall television, reading good books, flowers from my husband (despite them being of the apology variety rather than the just-because variety) and the brief moments when my kids are getting along (as seldom as those occurrences are).
  • I do not like Treat Williams, the actor. It is inexplicably so.
  • We need a game plan for hosting Thanksgiving… not because of all the food that will need to be made, but because Jack and my great-nephew, Max, will be together for an extended period of time. Together they are trouble. Last weekend we were in Lansing for Max’s little brother’s first birthday and the boys were upstairs unsupervised and decided to squirt lotion all over Quinn and Chris’s bedroom. It’s been a long time since I had to clean up a mess like that… I believe it was two years ago when Jack took it upon himself to decorate our living room with Hershey’s chocolate syrup. (We’ll not talk about the time they dumped a container of gummy bears into the toilet at my brother’s house). I think we need to tether them within our sight for the day… it doesn’t ensure they won’t get into trouble, but at least we can have hopes of keeping an eye on them.
  • Candy corn + dry roasted peanuts = a match made in heaven, not sure why I avoided the combination until this year.
  • Back to work, people…



4 responses to “So many things…

  1. I have comments for all of the above, but since I will be seeing you this evening, I will save said comments for coffee. Yippee!

  2. Contagious skin infection? I’m out.

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